Diablo 3 Season 14 Leveling Refresher – Tips For Leveling 1 to 70 With Speed & Efficiency

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Basic Leveling Tips – Just to refresh everyone for Season 14 in Diablo 3!
#LWAC (LevelWithACause) will be running once again for Season 14 – June 15th to June 17th.
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Help me reach my $1000 goal! Be sure to check out Diablo 3 streams with the #LWAC or #LevelWithACause titles during Season 14 opening weeked!
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50 Responses

  1. e s burn says:

    Ruins of Sescheron is underrated for massacre bonus… both levels have great density and tons of easy to kill bugs that ramp up the multiplier. Oh and first?

  2. Mike Reaves says:

    Short and to the point. Good stuff

  3. squiggle1020 says:

    why wait so late to do the lvl 70 gear with reduce lvl requirement. the can do 20 plus reduce lvl

  4. Ivii says:

    Caaaaaan you stoooooooop talking like thiiiiiiiiiiiiis pleaaaaaaaaaaase? Btw, nice video.

  5. ty helped out a lot playing necro

  6. Wanted to watch but his voice is annoying

  7. I got 3 crowns from story

  8. spike says:

    Demon hunter multishot goal t13
    Solo done

  9. Okamiguy says:

    Awesome content! New sub! Keep up the great videos! 🙂

  10. Barbarian is pretty awesome right now. Loving the Raekor Hammer build.

  11. Grenn1471 says:

    Wait three hours and get your clanmates to power level you. Done.

  12. giThreePi says:

    Thank u 4 the guide, it helped!
    Will start for the first time as a DH. Till now Ive only played Mage

  13. Bruce Cox says:

    I created a Barb, got her to level 70, during the trip i got the plans for Cains set. and got the Lorac crown with 84% bonus to the  gems, got a Ruby to max 37%, I created a WD and had even more bonus, had the Crown, 37% x 1.84, had Cains for 50% and another set that two pieces(out of 3) gave 20% (they did not conflict with the Cains forget the name)had a weapon in the cube that gave xp for gold. also had a few items that boosted the gold. ran on Hard mode, did a lot of rifts with 4 or 3 players max.my only regret was NOT getting in to a vault, did one run with a clan member with my Barb and got 112 MILLION goldit was a t13 vault. I need to run a monk to have a complete set of char types to lvl 70I am only 6 hunts to have finished chapter 4 the 4 monsters needed for parts of a hellfire item and two bosses, I did the T20 with me and my Templar as the BB , just to see how it would go and to my surprise i finished with 5 mins to spare. I am running the Barb as a WW. once i get the last two set items I will switch to match the armor

  14. Brent Venton says:

    Only started playing D3 a month ago – is that for real? You can take a fresh character from 0 to 70 in 2-4 hours?

  15. SAagreedSA says:

    First time player! Going to do a Necromancer now and a Crusader next. Then maybe Witch Doctor. Enjoying this so far – has a good feel IMO, maybe not D2 but still a really high level of polish and a lot of variety in play

  16. awesome vid man! tyvm! peace!

  17. What is the point of doing season characters? I'm new to the game.

  18. SoWutBruh says:

    or u can just play path of exile like a normal human being

  19. It don't be much easier if you just equip on first level helfire ring and amulet and go to master doficulty?

  20. Loved the video, very helpful, you gained a sub from me.

  21. Sushexx says:

    Thanks for an acknowledgment about all the bonuses! you did a great job 🙂 and I'll try to go as necromancer with rathma's set. GL to all of you!

  22. Knownasnemoo says:

    good video ^^ i will be playing crusader this season. it's been like 3 seasons since last time with them.

  23. Darrel C says:

    I'm going to try this season, but after PoE, Diablo feels so simplistic.

  24. Nero says:

    Thanks man. Definitely more motivated to load up Diablo now that I saw this

  25. alexias says:

    @wolfcryer why d3 is again like seson before ,no chains again it stay for 3 sesons with no new stuff.. is that "on purpose" from blizz

  26. Calaxem says:

    You sure helped me! Definitely gonna use those tips, thanks for the video 🙂

  27. RedBeard says:

    Condemn Crusader for season 14 GR solo pushing

  28. MLKKK - says:

    What is going to be some of the best items to cube at low lvl for a barb please?
    And will it be possible for a rusty newb to complete the challenge rift? And do we get multiple attempts for it?

  29. I will role DH marauder build. I like cheese.

  30. Barb for me this season.

  31. 1Hawk2Hawks says:

    i think you ment to say borns command set instead of cains as cains is for magic find 😉

  32. Insomnias says:

    Just join Seasonal Power leveling chat and ask for a PL… can level fast lol

  33. Steal ur followers wep….. thief!!!

  34. Galactus G says:

    How do you get haedrigs gift?

  35. Rude Rabbit says:

    Even though a Leoric's Crown can drop as your leveling, we have found it good to kill SkellKing at lvl 15, as at lvl 15, it normally drops with a socket. You do not have to do story mode; it drops on a new character for killing the king for the 1st time. Being we will have double Gobs for season 14, when you kill a gem hoarder, there is a chance for Marquis to drop. Also, once the Leoric's Crown is no longer useful to wear, go get the cube. Use the matts from challenge Rift and put in cube, and turn it on, and keep using a red gem socketed in helm. If running in a group like we do, that would be some fine XP modifiers when all players have it.

  36. monkeyoda says:

    am an old time diablo fans and still appreciate such tips,tks

  37. AlexCOM1986 says:

    Starting as MONK, and then DH, hello from AUSTRALIA, season starts for us at 10:00am on Saturday

  38. Zero Sense says:

    Are witch doctor pet builds still viable in solo or in a group content ?

  39. A R says:

    thank you , awsome

  40. NeK Hursty says:

    good on ya wolfie great help for new comers! thanks for spending the time on doing the video cheers 😉 Torn between getting my wiz on again or going easy DH mode lol

  41. Tanya TPM says:

    A very useful and concise video; thank u sir!! ^^

  42. Sameen says:

    Thanks for some refreshing tips, it's alway something you've forgot about since previous season start.

  43. Need a beginner monk build plz. i am doing a monk.

  44. Niel De Kock says:

    Thank You WolfCryer

    This will be my, first time, season character, this video helped.


  45. JakeFranklin says:

    i think for the next season or a little weekly event for this season, etc. They should add a double xp multiplier, so you can level up and get paragon twice as fast or something. Thatll keep my playing a bit longer during the season.

  46. nes0901 says:

    just a little reminder to equip your pet when you make your new hero too. just grab the follower weapon and go to the mystic to grab your pet. cause you know…..gold

  47. Bruce Cox says:

    you said one single person. What if I am married?

  48. The Video definetly helped me.

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