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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Season 10 is out, for consoles and PC gamers alike. In Patch 2.5.0, I created a seasonal character and played with fans to powerlevel through the game.


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50 Responses

  1. Lunar Vania says:

    How did I miss this!!! Ohhhh yes Diablo…Ive YET to see a game with such a diverse and deep loot drops and set items!

  2. Temaru Phan says:

    even though I technically think that there is no real way to complete Diablo 3 entirely ( because of greater rifts alone ) I still enjoyed this video I love Diablo 3 so seeing you play it is awesome

  3. Mr. Festival says:

    WHERE THE FUCK IS STICHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. JaceJavelin says:

    Yeah, seasons take 3 days to finish the season journey if you are taking your time.

  5. did console even get the necromancer PC got like almost a year ago now, even longer in beta.

  6. I just got to a point where I had infinite health lol

  7. So where's your Diablo 2 review

  8. What happened to your Diablo II Video???

  9. DustMan2704 says:

    Grim Dawn , Titan Quest / Anniversary , Diablo Prequels , Torchlight 2, Vikins Wolves of Midgard, Victor Vran, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing exist .. and they shit all over Diablo 3 and im not even including ARPGs from Platforms other than the PC or more lesser known titles .

    NOBODY should be exposed to Diablo 3 let alone play it.

  10. You've probably already figured this out, but armor sets also save your assigned abilities too, example, i have a mage who uses either light, and ice based powers with one set, or dark, void based powers with the other. I figured this out almost immediately. (things like pennances or wings don't save unfortunately.)

  11. AtomicTinCan says:

    Oh shit… now's my chance… PLEASE BRING BACK MY DRUID!!!!

  12. spoilix HQ says:

    Does diablo 3 even update anymore to like season 10 or to kunais cube?

  13. Cat says:

    I hate Belial. He sucks!!!

  14. I wouldn't have the attention span to keep on playing games like Diablo D:
    Which is a shame, actually…

  15. Curt Clark says:

    I own the Ultimate Evil edition — on PS3. No fancy seasonal updates for me 🙁

  16. G Mos says:

    Yes but can you give some advice for people who play solo only on ps4. I need to finish chap 4 by the end of season 4. I know I can't do the rest I just want to get my WD gear set (Zuni). Here's a specific question: At what paragon level were you at when you did your season 4 solo GR level 20? Thanks.

  17. retarded question :
    does this need Xbox live?..
    because I can't afford Xbox live just yet 🙁

  18. SkullJester says:

    Darkwing Duck Nes, Do It!

  19. SkullJester says:

    im brushing on Seasons with my friends on PlayStation 4 im getting hyped for necromancer release

  20. Gordon David says:

    hi guys Im really trying to get a group of players for hardcore mode on ps4, I just started fresh new characters and I cant seem to find anyone to play online with. if youre up to game hardcore mode, add me: grdg88

    I have a level 51 demon hunter, and 18 monk so far! Really looking forward to gaming soon. if you add me lemme know where you added me from so i dont get confused

  21. Leon S. says:

    Diablo 2 is MUCH BETTER

    Diablo 3 SUCKS and it is NOTHING like Diablo 2…

    I miss old times..Diablo 1 and 2 ware MUCHHHHHHH better

    better characters
    better story
    not a cash buy game
    8 players
    Local co op

    and a lots of thing

  22. Bruce Jashu says:

    Armory feature still has bugs..

  23. Vitor Leão says:

    played story and 2 seasons…
    story: great
    seasons: boring

    @PC Bots Master Race

  24. Hell yea, I am definitely on season 10. I just started too. I didn't do any of the other seasons until season 9. I kind of regret it for not playing sooner because I love all the little stuff you can get with armor and minions to fallow you.

  25. iave been playing diablo3 for 2 y and iam not yet done but my best class is monk

  26. Mantas K says:

    Great vid! loving the seasons on console so far! can some one tell me where can i buy Dyes for recoloring gear cuz i cant seem to find any npc shop tahts sels them or are they gone from the game ?

  27. Mushy says:

    COUGH hacked weapons

  28. 1 question do you have Morticks brace? Cuz I had 3 now have 2 (barb died in a high greater rift)

  29. The only thing I disagree on with you is how you said pc or console Diablo doesn't matter. I play console and I have to say I've put at least 3 months play time into the game all level 70's and all cosmetics and I hate it tbh when I watch pc gameplay builds aren't set back by how you can leap as a barb in a specific spot though a hundred enemies on a greater rift 70 ya know like you could die instantly and lose your hardcore character because your set on console limitations. That's all

  30. Omi Kurita says:

    on xbox one (season 10) can I join a random public Rift, or GR.

  31. HolaFran says:

    One of my favourite youtubers working with my favourite company ever in one of my favourite games ? Thanks Blizzard, Thanks Jirardo! <3

  32. arse monkey says:

    Devs seriously need to pick up their game on adding couch co-op for PC. We've got the horse power(my mid-range PC is at least a good 1.5X the power Scorpio is set to be), it is super easy to hook a PC up to a TV, we just need the fucking dev support.

  33. 野龍 says:

    But to be honest Diablo 3 doesn't feel like Diablo 2 at all. It's a good game on it's own but certainly not for those who want to get the same experience of playing Diablo 2 I guess. For that, Path of Exile is a lot better.

    Well, at least even playing chapter 1~4 over and over again with a free account feels good, and that's what Diablo 3 did right, I guess.

  34. i wish they would just give us diablo 4

  35. Totally just started this a week ago right before the Season to get ready for the Necromancer!

  36. how do witch doctors work in consoles? like the aimed abilities on the floor like piranhas?

  37. Micah Klein says:

    really considering. never played games like this but I downloaded path of exile because I was bored a couple nights ago and figured I would give it like 20 minutes.. yeah 4 hours later and I hardly noticed..

  38. hotseat diablo 3 is just trash, it puts all players. playing on the same tv, at each others mercy. its horrible.

  39. What The says:

    Diablo being on console required a lot of the depth and enjoyable stuff from D2 stop existing.

    Limiting the game to something that could work with a controller was a real loss.

    Not a bad game, but boy did it change in a way I didn't like.

    Like Fallout 4, games getting dumbed down to play better on console is sad.

  40. I love that you made a reference to belial's season challenge because it's one of the few I have completed. Most of those boss challenges are not THAT hard later on when you have proper gear that synergises with your skills and you see his health drop super fast.

  41. PeepwoodTV says:

    if it's so hard, why can I get past paragon 600 with one hand in 2 days

  42. wrhythm says:

    you should try Path of Exile.

  43. Man… only hearing about the endless grind already tired me. Fuck Diablo 3…

  44. Purple Guy says:

    Iv'e been playing ROS since it came out on the ps3, I know ps4 is better(at least graphicly,) but I don't want to lose all my progress.

  45. hmmm Path of Exile? Also, if you open the multiplayer pandora's box I challenge you to handle Overwatch.

  46. Infinite says:

    Diablo 3 is one of my fave games

  47. as a long time Diablo fan since its release on ps1, I was sad that Diablo 2 never had a console release. I'm just happy that we finally have seasons on console! Stay awhile and grind things my fellow adventurers!!

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