Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition 2.1 How to get Legendary Gems the fastest way

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9 Responses

  1. cam i do this on master or torment

  2. jedi cory says:

    What difficulty setting are you on? Or does it matter?

  3. Sitkid says:

    To bad I play on PS3 I'll never be able to play 2.1):

  4. JHgamer101 says:

    I'm looking for the weapon furnace can u get it in 2.1 

  5. James Logan says:

    I have a question when you play in groups and get loot does each player get their own loot to collect after kills and such or do you share loot?

  6. lotstan8 says:

    finally u got garwolf..nice man..it awesome having those 2 extra wolf with pet build..

  7. lotstan8 says:

    awesome man..tnx for the video..very helpful as always..i have been following ur diablo 3 videos even before ROS came out..your videos really help..

  8. raph says:

    can u do how to get legendaries fast on Diablo 3  just diablo 3 not ros

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