Diablo 3 – Walkthrough – Part 26 (Gameplay & Commentary)

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GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! After many long years on hiatus I’m finally back to my old shenanigans and am once again uploading new content. Furthermore I spend a lot of time these days over on my Twitch channel; which you should totally check out.

Also for those interested there is now a Village Community Discord server that you’re more than welcome to join;

My content is now ad free on YouTube and this is only possible because of…

diablo immortal news

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32 Responses

  1. Neil Milling says:

    i think it dosent need to be done every episode but i think u should do it more offten then not but its up to u 

  2. the intro is fine it helps to know it is you most don,t payationt how put it up

  3. Hmmm… I don't think that you should put the intro in all the episodes, but actually for me there is not big diference. I like the music, but I don´t miss it this time. may be you can put intro only in the odd number episodes XP.

  4. Brian Lee says:

    no, what happened to intro? FailGamer is gone!

  5. I think the intro would help for ppl that randomly select vids. If they click vid 26, they would not know about Fail gamer.

  6. Onubis says:

    I think it works for you, it's your title screen and your proper intro! It also makes me notice that this is your video by that title screen XD

  7. new quest system is so much cooler 🙂

  8. Overlord says:

    I started to laugh at "Captain of the Guards…" and with "talk with Captain David". 🙂

  9. MICZO1993 says:

    this game is harder with every epizode

  10. TrueWTFGM says:

    0:06 templar had 60 lv! xD

  11. szunyi says:

    I like your videos!

  12. Lambicious says:

    yep! the intro is nice and is like the thing who all want to ear!

  13. MrWoooooola says:

    keep your intro!
    it is quite nice to see it.. and to beging to 😀

  14. game intro FTW!!! coz it will be your trademark 😀 and it is great btw! some people are attracted by intro's and keeps watching vids because it makes them curious

  15. Aunsgar says:

    I love this series. Keep it up man!

  16. Soetpotatis says:

    Also have you thought of playing the multiplayer with one of your rare subscribers or something? 😀

  17. Soetpotatis says:

    it was a great intro and the music of it is amazing too. Maybe you could put it up in every episode something "epic" happens? 😀

  18. Soetpotatis says:

    y u no have intro music? the jingle was so catchy and fun to listen to 🙁

  19. D: You took out the intro :/

  20. MrToneyC says:

    But I like it on every episode because it makes your channel unquie and kinda gives it an epic feeling.

  21. LoneWulf14 says:

    I dont mind your intro, it doesnt bother me but at the same time it wouldnt bother me if it wasnt at the beginning of the videos, i guess if u left it out it would take less time to render/upload or whatever you do with your videos lol, but again its up to you. Also i have been thinking about how those traps of yours would actually make pretty good tattoos lol they look awesome. That chakram pwnage on Ghezrim was amazing aswell btw XD. ftw 🙂

  22. Eric Chou says:

    i really like your intro with your accent lol

  23. I don't mind your intro BGM, it's like your trademark. But then again you already have the "Hello, hello, hello." Although you don't have to use it for each video but maybe for the first video upload (if you plan to upload more than 1 if you get what I mean.) Besides, you already cut your vids short so yeah….

  24. Palidor says:

    I like how you stay put to listen to the dialogue for a bit, most streams I watch have people just quickly picking up quests and heading out, not talking to any NPC's either. ;<

  25. Atiel says:

    Btw i like the intro, keep it up on every episode. It gives a nice "pro" touch to the gameplay 😛 .. and the music is cool.

  26. Atiel says:

    Yay, a new one… but so short 🙁

  27. 1st Post! Great Vids..
    I like how u talk to all the NPCs. A real RPG player xD

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