Diablo 3: What I Pick Up in Patch 1.0.5 – Gear Grabber's Guide

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I have briefly touched on this topic in a few videos recently such as my efficient Alkaizer farming video ( but I wanted to cover it in more depth and I wanted to be able to show you guys all the names of the gear that I am picking up in 1.0.5.

Along with many other people I incorrectly stated in the past that every rare in Diablo 3’s 1.0.5 (except ilvl58-60 weapons) would be worth picking up because of the new affix roll system. However, it turns…

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31 Responses

  1. ThorsShadow says:

    I don't pick up chest armor, because every (!) class has a piece of chest armor from its set. And the set-chests are all good (either because of the stats or because of the set bonus). Also, there are quite a few non-set legendaries in the chest slot.

    I do pick up shoulder armor though. Vile Ward is the only really awesome legendary for this slot and rare shoulders can roll the exact same stats as Vile Ward, so they're worth being picked up.

    I also take gloves (all) and weapons (lvl 63 only).

  2. Stannis K. says:

    my rare pickups during alkaizer runs: all levels for amulets+rings+gloves. 62+63 pants and bracers. 62+63 1-handed weapons excluding all class weapons except for the lvl63 Slayer. goes fast not much that I missed 🙂

  3. ichimarnold says:

    pick up all level 63 weapons/armor/boots/gloves. All amulets and rings, and legendaries. the rest is a waste of time. crafted 200 sovereign vamp gloves today – none were worth more than 2 mill. Definately not picking up lower. Only pick up sacred shield too, thats 63.

  4. Brizza says:

    Sad if you lost connection

  5. Thanks for the insight! I tend to avoid most class specific items out of lack of knowledge of specific issues like this so it's good to have input from other classes.

  6. ChaosPod says:

    As a crit mass wizard I think a well rolled elder hat (ilvl 62 Wizard Hat) is much better than a Storm Crow (ilvl 63 legendary Wizard Hat). This is because we want Crit Chance (now a max of 6%), Arcane Power on Crit (APoC) (max of 10) and a socket. The Storm Crow has only 1 random roll meaning we have to choose between Crit Chance and a socket. I have also seen some decent Archmage Headpieces (ilvl 61 Wizard Hats) on the AH.

  7. liu travis says:

    first of all, get a good roll yellow is not something you can count on, so we should only pick up gears can be a starter choice that sold like half mill. let's get real, other than weapons and jewelries, how many item you can sell more than 400K.and also you should pick up all shoulders, because Vile Ward is the shoulder choice but it almost never roll high life%, right now US server only has one Vile Ward with 200+ main stats and 8%+ life. never pick— boots bracers

  8. An4chr0n says:

    A tip that not everyone knows: if you're looking only for specific ilvl items and wanna check them up before picking them up, keep Ctrl key pressed and you will see the loot details on the ground.

  9. Herrkaminkx says:

    thanks, for giving us the names, but damn, i play the german version and at the moment i'm only picking up legendaries, gems and tomes of secrets, gonna try to find the names for the items, but i often pick up the archon parts, rings and amulets ^^ subbed by now, cause your videos are very helpful 🙂

  10. Jamesdied says:

    Ahaha, it would of got a lot of views I bet!

  11. I would have laughed too, and released the video anyway 🙂

  12. I tend to ignore them because there are great legendary/set items in those slots but if you want to pick up any of them stick to the ilvl 63 ones. (except barb weapons, I pick ilvl61-63 in those).

  13. holscherDK says:

    What about class specifics like fist weap, wizard and wd hats, offhands etc?

  14. Jamesdied says:

    omg would of laughed and cried at the same time the servers crashed or your internet went out. I'm sorry but it would of been abit funny. Very nice drops though.

  15. I'm not going to lie this did cross my mind a few times while I was recording. Luckily those weren't my good Danetta's and all of those rares were rubbish anyway, haha.

  16. An4chr0n says:

    "Hello I'm ZiggyD and I wanna show you the list of items worth picking up…"
    ***Connection Lost***

    The Inquisitor and Danetta' Spite will be forever remembered.

  17. Clemens says:

    We used it in our party, and 3 of 4 people played with it. Our strategy was to pull difficult mobs into corners, and lock them into fear, so they had no chance of doing anything 😉 Its quite funny in this way 😉

  18. ckinctm125 says:

    wow thanks for the info!

  19. Ah sorry! Trifecta means three highly desirable stats on one item. In almost all cases this refers to Critical hit chance + critical hit damage + attack speed. It can include other damage bonuses as well and Vitality/Mainstat/All resist can all increase the value further.

    A trifecta amulet with good rolls and mainstat+vitality+damage bonus can sell for the AH limit of 2billion gold.

  20. ckinctm125 says:

    whats trifecta?? i keep hearing him say that

  21. Jerry Su says:

    Decent for a monk if you use FoT with the teleport rune 😛

  22. Yeah almost everyone I play with has one and I'm like why its so annoying I hate those things

  23. Yeah I have heard the fear proc is pretty infuriating. I think it can be mitigated somewhat by using it in the offhand as some skills wont proc the fear from the off hand. But yeah, fear on a melee weapon? Who thought that would be fun?

  24. Niiiice. Must be some beastly affix rolls. I pick most of them up as well though the ilvl 62-63 ones are more consistently better.

  25. I originally agreed with your shoulders thoughts but someone pointed out to me that rare shoulders can easily outroll vile wards for barbs. It's because shoulders are a strength slot and rares can roll strength much higher than other main stats. Vile wards are definite BiS for other classes though as the mainstat can roll much higher.

    I agree with hellion Crossbows not selling well, I guess I just can't kick my attachment to them haha.

  26. MiharuSarano says:

    his hopefulness in the end is cute

  27. katieeeeyy says:

    Pants and even belts are worth picking up. Belts are worth quite a bit if you get high single resists, monks tend to appreciate them. Any high str belts are garbage if they don't have lifesteal though, str belts are worth 10 times less than other stats. Witching hour, blackthorne belt and mighty belts are often used but witching hour is ridiculously expensive while blackthorne gives a nice primary stat boost while lacking resists.

  28. katieeeeyy says:

    I'm glad you revised what you pick up. Bracers definitely sell well and good ones have insane prices. Monks and occasionally demonhunters use innas so dex bracers are the most valued with single resist bracers being the best valued.

    No shoulders are worth picking up although they can actually roll better than lowend vile wards. People just won't buy them or look at them. That's why finding shoulders just as good as vile wards is pretty easy.

    Hellion crossbow doesn't sell even if rolled well.

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