Diablo 3: Wizard Guide 30-45

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This took me a long time to make so liking and subscribing is very appreciated 🙂
Sorry but in the half or so there seems to be a problem with YT 🙁
This is only a viable build for lvls 30-45:
Electrocute with chain lighting
Ray of frost with cold blood
Diamond skin with mirror skin
Meteor with molten impact
Magic weapon with force weapon
Archon with pure power
Glass canon, Astral presence and Blur

Thats the build I use, hope it works for you aswell 🙂

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9 Responses

  1. Heh, that's my build w/ spectral blades. You can have a viable melee wizard if you stack enough vitality. Just make sure not to forget INT too.

  2. DigiLychee says:

    for skills: diamond skin with crystal shell rune, wave of force with impactful wave rune, energy armor with absorption rune
    passive skills: blur and evocation
    and also try to get items with high armor and vitality 🙂

  3. randomer1432 says:

    im in nightmare atm, lvl 36, everything keeps one shoting me, like i run into champion packs that just teleport or jail me and then bam one shot im dead, how do i avoid this? like what skills and runes etc

  4. DigiLychee says:

    No, I am speaking English with a Belgian accent. 🙂

  5. j00d00d says:

    Are you trying to speak English?

  6. DigiLychee says:

    for armor: pick something with armor but still some intellect on it and for weapons you can go with a 1h weapon(doesnt matter if its a wand, mace, ..) and a shield when you die quickly otherwise a book or source 🙂

  7. braddo98 says:

    what items and Armour u use? and what weapons u recommend?

  8. mijles says:

    its a shame the video broke, could you maybe put the build in discription? cheers

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