Diablo 3 – Worth Playing in 2018? | First Impressions

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► Diablo 3 – Worth Playing in 2018? | First Impressions
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► Hi everyone welcome back to another video! Today we will be playing Diablo 3 and see what the game is all about! Since this is my very first time playing the game I actually have so much expectation for it. My very first game that I’ve ever played seriously was Diablo 2 so I’m really hoping Diablo 3 can live upto its…

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24 Responses

  1. Sora Online says:

    I love how they brought some stuff from Diablo 2 to Diablo 3! 🙂

  2. theres only 4 acts.. that you just redo over and over. game is pure money grab. blizzard are garbage.

  3. Drakensang’s clone or drakensang diablo 3’s clone ?

  4. Can someone help me decide if I should buy it. Games like these usually bore me so I’ve stayed away but I want Shadows Awakening and feel like I should play this first if I ever want to enjoy it. I hate games like this usually because they’re too boring you click then your character walks and auto attacks then repeat. Basically a point and click game except you can use a few powers and click more to dodge aoe attacks. Gonna get it on console to counter the clicking bullshit but idk about other issues I’d have

  5. Theant19 says:

    It's 2018 and Necromancer still cost 15 Euro… Damn Blizzard-Activision.

  6. Le Nain says:

    In which difficulty did you play? Is it too easy and boring?

  7. world cup says:

    this game i try it sometime confused where do go

  8. Uor Vezx says:

    I've seen mixed reviews on this game, and I'm still hesitant to buy this game. I've also heard that the playerbase has dropped down the hole, but a few hundred to a few thousand play it every once in a while. I am intrigued by this game. But is it actually worth it?

  9. johnjohnson says:

    For the love of god never play normal it is WAY TO EASY

    Also go to ur options and turn on elective mode so u can put any skill in any slot

  10. jorcasce says:

    Do you like games like alienation borderlands? Even destiny you are going to enjoy Diablo as well

  11. The sale is so tempting. Can't decide if I should buy it or wait for it on the Nintendo Switch (or both)

  12. I played Diablo and Diablo II and loved them, but for some reason, time I guess, I never picked up III. I’m curious if you can play solo even though you have to be online. Or can you play offline at all? Anyway, I might get the battle chest.
    Thanks for doing this vid. I’ll be sure and subscribe.

  13. I've played diablo 3 but not reaper of souls should I buy it for 30 or no I'm worried about it being the same and it'll get boring

  14. Biag says:

    So should I buy it? Me and my friends don't know what to do 🙁

  15. josh devera says:

    Is this eternal edition? How much did u buy it?

  16. awesome video bro! This helped me out to decided to buy this game. Ive been playing path of exile for a while now and decided to finally check out diablo because I got a little bored but diablo 3 looked awesome and you help me decide to get it. Thanks man. 🙂

  17. It's a good game. Enjoy!

  18. Aaron Ager says:

    U bought the game for one video? Dedication

  19. Tai O says:

    is d3 going to a series?

  20. 이유휸 says:

    i didnt play much diablo 2 but i remember my brother played it all the time ><

  21. First my dude

    Well technically second bc you commented but still…

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