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Today we are righting the wrong committed in an earlier video, we are talking about what we can expect diablo-wise from Blizzard at Blizzcon 2018. In my previous video we theorized Diablo 4, but a certain blog post shot that down. So…what else do we know?

Let’s chat.

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diablo immortal news

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10 Responses

  1. iVulkan says:

    So after the conclusion of Blizzcon. We were VERY wrong.
    It's funny, I read a joke on the forums a few weeks ago about a Diablo mobile game but dismissed it. That'll teach me.

    Anyway, I have a reaction video out there about Immortal, give it a watch on my channel

  2. Nothing. I think they wont show us shit. A bunch of D3 play on Switch.
    They may mention that D4 is a few years away but no D2 remaster and no mobile game. Another shit ass Blizzcon fast approaches. So gay.

  3. Diablo Arena 😂

    Well…you might have forgotten exactly that was actually suppose to come with original diablo 3 at release!! but blizzard cut it from the game cause of dysbalance between the classes

  4. Shel B says:

    I know it’s really late in the game, but a new class with some type of new content or “quality of life” update in d3 seems like the logical thing to do. It’s an old game, it hasn’t been touched in literally over a year now. Out of no where they decide to bring d3 to the switch? It would be smart for them to come out with a really cool update/dlc/expac to d3 to bring in more players and help push the d3 switch sales. What are your thoughts on this? I guess we are about to find out.

  5. Scholar298 says:

    Strangers things have happened when it comes to the expansion theory. TItan Quest just got their second expansion after twelve years. It's only be four years since RoS by comparison. In addition, we had those Druid clues back in January, and I'd figure it takes about a year to create a new class (who knows if and when they started if that's the case?). They also released a video of the Azmodan pet along with Diablo II music attached. Even though Azmodan isn't a part of Diablo II. Given that they remade Diablo I with the D3 engine, it's possible they might do the same with D2 as well and use that as an introduction to Druid. To be honest, a remaster of a game that still has a working online service (and we are able to upscale the resolution with a little know how) seems like a very underwhelming announcement and a potential waste of resources. Though a remake using a different engine and giving a different experience might be good. Otherwise I'd just stick to the old D2 b.net game even if a remaster came out. To add to this, Diablo III is still making them money as they are releasing it on Switch. Might be interesting if they revealed all that added content (and Druid), and that it's available "right now" on the switch and in the console / Blizzard store for purchase. It isn't unlikely, since they announced ahead of time that the switch version is being sold the day of Blizzcon.

  6. all i want is a diablo 2 remaster ! .. and a diablo 1 eheh

  7. D4 is really D3 I bet, they seem to think cartoons are the new thing for Diablo games. D1 and D2/Lod are still better then this D3 clone coming out. Blizzard is dying and might as well sell there games to other companies.

  8. Heet Crusher says:

    Best case we get is Diablo 1 not 2 because Brevik said it would take up a lot of time and be very difficult.

  9. Nate says:

    D2 remaster wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit. They are releasing classic wow, they have already remastered SC so D2 as one of the most popular games they have ever put out wouldn't be that far fetched.

  10. Draethar says:

    I don’t even know what to expect anymore. I was hyped. Perhaps I was being too unrealistic. So sad…

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