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OMG Blizzard did it.. then went FULL EA and just Announced Diablo MOBILE !!!

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46 Responses

  1. The best form of protest against the announcing of Diablo "mobile" would of been if people stood up and left the building. THAT would of really hurt Blizz and made a statement one to remember for a very long time.

  2. Thomas says:

    Can someone please explain to this old man that pretty much only plays retro games and never does multiplayer or anything, what the deal with microtransaction games is? You have to buy experience points or weapons for like $1 or something to be able to get ahead in the online game? Or is it just like buying new clothes or a fancy car or something?

  3. David Yu says:

    The irony is that the game might make good Money, just not from the gamers who liked D1, D2. Maybe some D3 fans, maybe. But mostly it does not have the fans as target audience, at all.

  4. It better not be pay to win

  5. Astroice says:

    Blizzard you need rehab. Those poor souls who bought tickets only to get slapped in the face soooo hard.

  6. jamie nhb says:

    money talks so speak with your wallet and buy nothing from them otherwise you can whine all you want and it wont change anything

  7. Trebah says:


  8. JHMVC says:

    they need to make porno with that graphics

  9. Cpt Slow says:

    Any video about wc3 reforged?

  10. ibervang says:

    Blizzard is so arrogant
    They make changes people don't ask for, and ignore the things people what changed. And when people comment on that, they are so arrogant, that they just say, you don't know what you want. Like some parent talking to their child.
    Then there is wow. A game that cost money to get, and has a monthly sub fee. And they still have the audacity to add in a cash shop. I get some of the stuff, cosmetics like mounts and pets. People should be able to get those things, when they paid to get the game, and pay each month to play the game… Btw, i don't play wow. I didn't think Legion was executed well enough to justify a monthly fee.
    And then there is the recent thing, with the announcement of their latest Diablo project. I have seen in a video, that apparently the video for the mobile version of Diablo, got so many dislikes, and Blizzard just took it down, and re-uploaded it in a different way, to remove all the dislikes. But it just got alot of dislikes. So they are trying to manipulate the reaction to their content, to make it seem as if people are more happy about it, than they really are.
    Then there is the give away of the Division 2. I read somewhere else, that it just happened to happen, shortly before a big patch is comming to Warframe. And I have noticed they do this alot. They annouce, or release big patches, expansions or new content, around the same time, some other developer is releasing something big for their game. If Blizzard games where that great, wouldn't the game be able to stand on its own, and they wouldn't have to try and take the focus away from other games

  11. 1:23 ok that was really funny actually

  12. Reuben Moss says:

    As a business move, it makes perfect sense, Mobile gaming is the most accessible platform, well across most markets. Sure, people are let down because they wanted something on the PC, but that's because we're PC gamers – the issue with Blizzcon this year is they announced it to a PC audience, maybe there should have been a press confrence instead of using Blizzcon for it.

  13. Robert Kotick needs to start firing people

  14. Aske Lange says:

    Yea, okay, stop it, you deserved my sub okay, jezz' :))

  15. Žan Žigon says:

    I'd like to see how the sales with tickets will go next year lol, i already hear crickets lul

  16. aimrobot says:

    Finaly people use the name Activision. Chris Metzen, Michael Morhaime were also quick to get out of the spotlight. They knew what was coming.

  17. Ash4eTo says:

    Why would you, in your right mind, EVER, announce something like this at Blizzcon? I doubt there are many, if any, "mobile-enthusiasts" attending or watching… You throw this out to the one group of people, from which you wouldn't see a dime for something like this in a million years… Boggles the mind.

  18. Garbage Man says:

    My all time favorite franchise…..perverted and bastardized.

  19. Chris Auer says:

    I'm really curious what the reaction of the asian market to this is.

  20. John Gault says:

    Stop!!!! Just stop!!!!
    It's super simple. Blizzard didn't expect fans to be this angry.

    They know they were pushing the easy button, like everyone else. Funny how only we are allowed, not others.

    Expectectations should reflect, what is occurring not what you've been told by idiots will occur. Or you're the victim of idiots beliefs.

  21. Michael Corr says:

    It's time for gamers to rise up! Tell Blizzard how we really think! Throw eggs at them on stage when they announce this stuff

  22. Arrynek01 says:

    When they boo him, It gets hard to watch.
    Poor guy.

  23. Ron Owens says:

    Do you guys even have a phone

  24. 閑星白 says:

    Hey fat dude PC is dying because of mobile evolving every year.

  25. I think people are overreacting. They're being total rtards about this, it's pretty obvious diablo 4 is coming in next 3 years, this is a mass market move. SURE. Who gives a fuck.

  26. weissweiss says:

    It's over for blizzard they lost their fucking soul

  27. EA turn Blizzard to the Greed Side

  28. Blizzard truly went to shit when it got bought by activision.

  29. RipN8R Rip says:

    I watched the opening ceremonies live, and about 80% of it was Blizzard being excited and the crowd just sitting there waiting for a good announcement. It wasn't just Diablo Unmortal, it was Heartstone and WoW as well. I think the only thing people actually liked was Warcraft 3 announcement. It was so hard to watch, I kept thinking "what must the higher ups at Blizzard be thinking about this lack luster response?"

  30. Nothing in last year blizzcon => slap to the face

    Themed seasons aka "we have nothing" => slap and spit to the face

    Blizzcon main stage to say "we have a cellphone game" => slap, spit, stab, death, raped ur dead body and then go away laughing!

  31. Just what they had done with Dungeon Keeper

  32. Gazump says:

    You say he came out super enthusiastic, but it was so fake and I think it just wore out by the end

  33. Daryl Tan says:

    Downgrade ourselves for you Diablo?
    No thank you~

  34. Lorne Lanning wishes he could ruin his franchise like this

  35. Diablo Immoral is more like it.

  36. it made me giggle when he said… lets just destroy the game for money!

  37. KineticGTR says:

    So this is what it feels like to be a Command and Conquer fan. ?

  38. here's the real question…is it f2p? cuz if it is…screw diablo then

  39. Ghastly10 says:

    Can say this there is no point now in releasing Diablo 4.. With the fallout the mobile game is getting, I think Blizzard should just cut their losses, as the damage has been done and I think really there is no coming back from this fiasco..

  40. Kazsco says:

    What the hell were they thinking? To get people excited and then shaft them with this rubbish. If they were set on releasing this to mobile it should have been a secondary thing… after releasing Diablo 4 or a remastering of Diable 2. I get it that they want to cash in on the mobile $$$ but to treat their loyal player base like this is the worst kind of betrayal.

  41. Rage jun says:

    all i want is D2 remastered… and i can rest in piece in the hell forged act 4…

  42. Chris Berg says:

    GRIMDAWN enough talk.

  43. Esben Madsen says:

    Let's be fair, they were slightly less scummy than EA. Management probably saw that as a weakness though.

  44. Watching the opening ceremonies when they announced this, it looked like they'd scripted in applause breaks and he didn't know what to do/say when there was no applause.

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