Diablo III Eternal Collection [NTSC Version] [PS4] (Unboxing/Breakdown/Demo)

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Diablo III Eternal Collection [NTSC Version] [PS4] Unboxing, Breakdown and Demo video.

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(Unboxing Song)
“Diablo 3 – I Am…

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21 Responses

  1. Can I play adventure mode from the start of the game on diablo 3 eternal collection on the ps4 pro system

  2. Mikey Kulick says:

    Are there still a lot of lobbies open online or is it hard to find a multiplayer match?

  3. Los Games says:

    whats the difference between this and reaper of souls?

  4. Sonic1843 says:

    It needs Ps plus to play online??

  5. Anything d3 is complete shit. They should have just started over from scratch and made a new Diablo or d2 remake. I see nothing different here. I would recommend everyone to just leave this alone.

  6. Clint 0z says:

    This dude sounds like Kyle's cousin

  7. Loc Huynh says:

    Is it worth it selling the Ultimate Edition to get this Eternal Edition?

  8. That's how to release a complete edition! Hope Activision realizes this for Spyro 🙁

  9. mv0921 _ says:

    Love diablo repaer of souls. Just as much as modaerwafare 2 and town survival zombies

  10. CaliChris7 says:

    Thanks for showing updates on disc ?

  11. Hi. I bought this version and IDK how to change language. Maybe you could help me with it

  12. Thank you for the clarification , and thank you for the video. Have a good day.

  13. Thanks dude. Good info. Helped me make a decision.

  14. Corey Mckee says:

    Does the U.S version require a day 1 patch??(needing to download the 10gb patch when the disk is put into the ps4?) Or can u play as soon as the disk is in without updating?

  15. Hello i'm italian i have 2 questions:
    – The uk and pal versions need the 10gb update, right?
    – This ntsc version the dlc's and all update are on disk , and do not need to download any updates?
    this ntsc version is multi-language? the italian language is inside?

    thank you

  16. Thank you for mentioning this. I hate when Game of the Year or Complete Editions of games are released and the DLC/Extra Content is a download voucher instead of being on the disc.

  17. john doe says:

    thanks blizzard for ruin the eu version..

  18. DR.JackobyUK says:

    thanks for clearing this up, now we know the eu version is trash. and the usa version is the one to get.

  19. Thanks for the update ill go trade mine in

  20. Slicker says:

    Nice job on the update.

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