Diablo III – Official Followers Gameplay Reveal Trailer + Giveaway [1080p HD] (PC) [Walkthrough/Review]

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If you want to buy Diablo 3:

This is the reveal trailer for the followers in Diablo 3 on the PC. The announcement trailer shows of gameplay of the followers as well as the stats screen. My impressions of the trailer after the trailer itself. When the game is released we will do both a walkthrough and a review.

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Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

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40 Responses

  1. Cold Fusion says:

    this great one of the best games of Blizzard 😀 !!

  2. muito maçaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Tupiz says:

    i didnt play 1 and 2 but i just wanna see (if i win the giveaway) if the game is nice 🙂

  4. Seems pretty messy of the gameplay

  5. AllexC says:

    It seems like a shit game to me too.. dunno what's all the fuss about it

  6. Azzidos says:

    seems like a shit game to me

  7. Jun Yoon says:

    this game looks very good! Thanks for the trailer!

  8. Well either way I think I am going to get it but I just meant from simply looking at it, it looks like sacred.

  9. this game looks awesome thanks for the trailer

  10. Uroc327 says:

    yayyyy Diablo III

    hope i win

  11. I’m sorry but this looks exactly like sacred.

  12. go see my vid goodbye diablo 2 on my channel

  13. David says:

    Wow, anyone must've winded the clocks back to the year 2011……

  14. Crimory says:

    let's try my luck with this giveaway too 😉

  15. Anglleos says:

    Would be VERY happy to win the copy of D3! It's either this or trading in my Vita which I would prefer not to do but will since I'll be damned if I don't have this game come launch!

  16. i don't see why people are so freaking excited for this RPG… O_o never played it though…
    meh… nothing special.

  17. i'm gonna quit my job when the ggame is realised

  18. I didn't like the trailer and from the view of this trailer i don't like the game its one persons opinon so dont flip

  19. Timo says:

    i would like an key of diablo 3 ::D

  20. rbrion06 says:

    stoked! cant wait for the release

  21. why would they change perfection?

  22. Toxinomist says:

    It is a good trailer. Sadly I did not see any thing new in terms of games play. It is simply a milk cow crafted out of existing products. I will not touch it not even with a 20' pole.

  23. Chee Hin says:

    blizzard wont even care about someone like you, they got millions of players waiting, less you? its still millions over.

  24. tom01555 says:

    This game seems fucking boring i woudnt buy it

  25. Sharon Sy says:

    watch?v=ULGZ4jUenAU maybe this is what you looking for? my friend got one from one of those sites…i didnt get anything:( worth trying i guess…

  26. better love story than World of Warcraft

  27. Capt Cuddles says:

    @9o0apple0o9 Diablo 3 comes out on May 15

  28. I love Diablo series and i still got Diablo 2 on my pc 😀

  29. poumtralala says:

    That look amazing compared to the 2 x)

  30. templar is the same as footman from warcraft

  31. LolBroZ says:

    Like this comment if you getting Diablo 3 for free.

  32. dfa7173dylan says:

    That trailer looks like a real let down to diablo. I hope the game is nothing like this cartoon looking thing

  33. FSame1 says:

    Now, the magic words. 9001

  34. @Holyvirus2068 templars are paladins

  35. coolmon3 says:

    Never played Diablo, but my friend has it and it looks AMAZING!

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