Diablo III – Rat’s zBarbarbian (Whirlwind) Build Guide

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This is a build guide for the Support Barbarian (zBarb) build (Whirlwind version) for group speed Rathma’s Greater Rifts in Diablo 3 patch 2.6.1. This was recorded in Season 15, patch 2.6.1.
Explanation video for XP bonuses in Greater Rifts:

Note this guide is based on the zNecromancer running Nemesis Bracers, if your zNecromancer is not wearing Nemesis, you may need to remove Strongarm Bracers for these.

There are other versions out there (i.e….

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10 Responses

  1. Emanon Muc says:

    Very helpfull, thank you for explaining

  2. Adrian Mak says:

    the 45% xp gained from hellfire ring is for personal right?

  3. Kill47er says:

    also with the xp barb at the end u need inspiring presence cause the party gets life regen from it if u dont have it on they will probably die more

  4. Kill47er says:

    ur supposed to run Hardened Wrath in rats not veterans warning also u can switch animosity for weapons master

  5. Striver says:

    awsome guide! Thank you for that

  6. Love your vids, keep up the good work

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