Diablo III Season 16 – TrepChains Paragon 2400 – 4man GR 124

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My paragon 2400 run for Season 16!
Running a Greater Rift 124 in Diablo III in season 16 (patch 2.6.4) with members of Exile.

Wizard – Cloud
Demon Hunter – fier
zMonk – TrepChains (me :))
zBarbarian – shmokn

(Old, but still mostly relevant) Demon Hunter RGK build guide:
zMonk build guide: (in this run using String of Ears as extra legendary, planner: )

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3 Responses

  1. How's the new season with the buffs and nerfs Trep? havent played this season yet

  2. Cool, Good Effort TrepChains

  3. Bente says:

    GG! Gratz on 2400

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