Diablo III – What's New in Patch 2.0.1

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In this video, Community Manager Lylirra takes a look at some of the major new features and changes included in our pre-expansion patch 2.0.1.

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34 Responses

  1. rlyosim says:

    i dont understand why someone would play this even now, there is still zero endgame content. the whole game is like farmville, zero change with zero meaningful progression beyond what rng rolls you.
    besides all of that this is way too long in coming, its nearly two years over due.

    to each their own ofc just my 2 cents.

  2. OH GEE GOLLY MOTHERFUCKING GOSH!!!!!! all i have to do is pay ANOTHER 40 FUCKING DOLLARS, for what the 60 DOLLAR GAME I ALREADY PAID FOR ON ITS PC RELEASE DATE, should have been. i'm not denying that this is probably a decent game now FINALLY with non-broken fundamentals, but seriously blizzard, fuck you guys…. now i want to play this game finally, but it's not worth my time or money at this point -_-

  3. Does playing on hard, expert, or master change the loot quality at all? Or is it only torment that makes a difference.

  4. Steven Le says:

    3:35 Wingardium Leviosa hahaha that was great

  5. cramtoro says:

    been playing the new patch and woooow its simply awesome. its like Diablo should have been when it was released. I stopped playing like one week after the original release. Now I cant stop playing is awesome

  6. Yehya says:

    Still waiting for PS4 RELEASE

  7. good bye path of exile

  8. ThatMoutain says:

    I'd like to point out that if you do not live close to the servers (ie. If you arent in America/EU/Asia's) then you might want to reconsider picking up RoS, or at least try out the latest patch…latency is god damn awful, making it practically unplayable at the higher difficulties. I'm hoping this is just a temporary thing, since I had very little lag on Day 1 of patch 2.0.1. The new patch is great and all, but they need to sort out their server issues…seriously.

  9. Joe Graves says:

    PS4 account will hopefully link to my Characters on the PS3. COME ONE RELASE DATE

  10. Mebighobo says:

    most of the legendary i got is crap in loot 2.0 compare to 1.8.

  11. Paul Donegan says:

    Ok installing d3 gonna give d3 a chance and maybe buy expansion

  12. Spazstix says:

    This patch is just so god dam amazing 

  13. Fox Mulder says:

    I heard about 200 people still play this game. 

  14. MrDiscomafia says:

    Quit playing Diablo 3…got hooked on Path of Exile instead :p

  15. played the new patch.. felt like a new game.

  16. Everybody who hates on this probably hasn't played Diablo with this new patch. This patch made the game HELLA FUN! I liked Diablo before the patch even though it sucked, but this patch made it so much better! 

  17. I played the game for awhile but I really feel this is just to little to late. I still look at Diablo 2 as the best one

  18. RyBread564 says:

    Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal, see you there! march 5th

  19. TimmacTR says:

    Omg, just how much worse can you make this game..

  20. TripsOnMines says:

    Best god damn D3 patch ever. I love playing it.

  21. Does this apply to PS3??

  22. TheMeslava says:

    Fuck I wanna play Diablo. I was about level 30, and my PC quit, it hasn't been working, it won't even play the game without crashing, I can't play ANY games on it. Wish I had some money so I could actually afford a new motherboard OR a new PC so I can actually play a game again 🙁

  23. Is the update coming to console at the same time?

  24. Mongis Lort says:

    07:50 What does she mean by ''warm hole''?

  25. juan b says:

    is the expansion will be available on ps3?

  26. Assy Mcgee says:

    (not even remotely close) FIRST!!!

  27. This game just went from a waste of hard drive to digital meth.
    finally I can love Diablo like i always wanted to.

    Got 8 legendaries in the last 5 hrs of gameplay.

  28. DT says:

    patch behind dumb shits 

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