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  1. Game Breaker says:

    Wer Lust hat kann sich gerne meinen Kanal genauer ansehen und Feedback da lassen, danke ??

  2. This ''april fools joke'' guys is a tutorial to how to be a total ass.

  3. No One says:

    blizzard attacking their fans on behalf of sjw for disliking this game now. What more is there to say. The world is doomed

  4. Do you not have a phone !!!!!
    A mouthy prick said this.

  5. pspjerry says:

    0:40 just look at his expression and eyes. He obviously hates the game but they are forcing him to do it or he will lose his job

  6. Michael Finn says:

    He should sell shirts with that question on it, red shirts.

  7. To be honest every member of the Diablo team should be embarrassed by the decision to go mobile with an ip that has been cemented on PC and now console. The problem is not that this game is going to be mobile, it's that it's ONLY going to be mobile. It's a joke and a slap to the face to people who don't care about mobile games such as myself, why would we want a diablo game to only play on our lunch break? no one is going home and playing a game on their phone for hours, this is a complete joke and whoever was the first person to bring this idea to the team should have been immediately let go. If i was sitting in that room when people were bouncing ideas around about what the next diablo game should be this game would not exist, i'd make sure of it because this game is going to be the next Project Titan (the failed game Overwatch developed from). Sell Diablo to a company that cares or stop making games for Diablo or, my favorite idea, allow Jeff Kaplan to fix this series, at least he's not a mindless yes man.

  8. Jake Bob says:

    That man is a hero if i was there i would have been dragged out for booing and profanity

  9. Bergr B says:

    that guy was pure SAVAGE

  10. Skydust says:

    Give that man a medal pls!

  11. hope this game makes blizzard bankrupt.

  12. Bloody Kaiju says:

    Dude is both the hero we need and deserve.

  13. It only makes sense from a company development standpoint. The majority of people playing games do, in fact, own a smartphone as well. I'm not arguing that it's not going to lessen the gaming experience or produce a shittier product, but to not tap into the mobile industry is pulling a Blockbuster in not tapping into online rental/subscription services.

  14. Aq Zing says:

    0:44 It's not even a NEW Diablo game , it's just old Diablo 3 on mobile, with same old characters

  15. Mein Liebe says:

    It's sad that they have to pay people to cheer the game

  16. A Legend is born. Next year I'll attend Blizzcon cosplaying this guy.

  17. Its not east making perfect masterpieces man. Let bilizzard have a stupid game or two. Dont be so unforgiving

  18. Thankfully rdr2 saved the year what the fuck is this shit.

  19. Metal Steel says:

    rumors say some of them have quit and are applying to mcdonalds right now.

  20. danr00 says:

    What is it with red shirts…

  21. Swang says:

    Dude needs to pipe down, why blast over the focus of the show.

  22. C_ Lewis says:

    That guy has bigger balls than anyone who will ever play Immortal.

  23. Alan Ivanov says:

    The second guy said: we brought this, we did that, we, we, everyone at blizzard… did anybody ask you to bring it so badly that you brought it? What players asked is for something new but not for their phones… I really hate that nobody asked afterwards "But did we ask you to bring this? No."…

  24. I christen him "The New Red Shirt Guy!"

  25. Yue Miyakawa says:

    The man speak in the Name of all real Diablo-Fans <3 :).
    This crap is really a Joke :(.

  26. Tiago Toledo says:

    Legendary Red Shirt Guy

  27. Daniel Burke says:

    HERO. "We're really excited" they say. Well grats dumbasses you are the only ones excited

  28. TroutButter says:

    Everyone on that stage wanted nothing more than to commit hara-kiri at that moment.

  29. TectonicSlam says:

    That guy has actually become a legend of the gaming community.

    Seriously though, what was Blizzard thinking

  30. This question got the biggest cheer of the entire Q&A

  31. John Poulsen says:

    And its actual not a new game its just a rip off……

  32. omg i kinda feel bad for the diablo devs, but… i dont blame the guy for being upset

  33. Adorak says:

    I hate everything right now … I don't know the last time (if ever) that I was so disappointed

  34. not even diablo himself could burn somebody that badly….respect.

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