Diablo Immortal RANT + Blizzcon 2018 News

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Less Than Epic chats about the flopped announcement of Diablo Immortal and other Blizzcon 2018 news.

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diablo immortal news

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5 Responses

  1. Diablo Immortal can’t doom a doomed Franchise. The Diablo franchise died in 2005 when Blizzard North, the creators of D1 and D2 were all fired. Blizztard then proceeded to release the Real Money Auction House D3 title (so don’t pretend D3 wasn’t designed for micro transactions). If you played D3 at launch you should know how broken that game was. I haven’t played a Blizzard title since 2012.

    Edit: you have been waiting since 2012 for the next Diablo title?? D3 launched in 2012. Also, how did you like D3? Do you like using your wallet to win games? Or do you like grinding for gold to buy your gear in and auction house? Super rewarding game mechanic to go the mall and outfit your character.

  2. illiji915 says:

    The argument about the Diablo mobile game isn't just the UI, which yes, it's a pretty standard thing in ARPG mobile games. The argument is that the other parts of the game are hardly different from a game they already made. This company basically had a Diablo ripoff ARPG mobile game 100% done and released years ago. The actual Diablo game just seems to change models, skins, and skill pictures and simple things like that while reusing tons of the other game. Everything from the way some skills work, to the armor and characters themselves are just way too similar for it to be believable that this Diablo game was created 100% original from the ground up. Blizzard say that the project has been in the making for 10 years but from what I see, It looks like they've only actually been working on the game for a year or 2 in development and the company they hired to make this game either lied to them about it being created from the ground up or Blizzard knows it wasn't and is lying to us.

  3. illiji915 says:

    The biggest problem I have with today's games is companies make games and expect them to make money constantly. Games used to be, buy the game, and play for free. Now you buy the game (or sometimes its free) and the company making it wants you to spend more on ingame stuff. Diablo was never about this sales format. Also, I think it is best if the game fails, if it succeeds then diablo development will shift toward the mobile platform instead of being focused on desktop gaming.

  4. HunterG7 says:

    I will NEVER play Diablo Immortal. Mobile games are garbage. They BUILT the company on PC gaming… give us what we want, NOT something we don't.

  5. First thanks for news im highly dissapointed that diablo is a f2p game. There nothing wrong with mobile games but it's a reskin. Like and replie give me thoughts on diablo.

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