Diablo: Immortals Mobile Trash Reveal Enrages Fanbase

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35 Responses

  1. Alec Day says:

    Hello there BG:

    Hell you could even picture TUMBLEWEEDS rolling by the demo area for Diablo: Immortals cause outside of a few people, it was totally BARREN. Not to mention not a single cheered after the trailers at the BlizzCon Announcement Showcase this year when the trailers dropped and it forced the Asian guy to really stumble over his words to bring the announcement home. I never really played any Diablo games and if game that got its fanbase on console or PC came out to mobile with no plans to be released on the platform that got its fanbase from. I can't blame the fans for being pissed. It is like you turned your back on your best friend. I woudl love to see how many people attend next year's BlizzCon. I bet you anything that it would be fewer than last year. A LOT fewer.

  2. Hailey Mew says:

    Up next red dead mobile

  3. 8:00 is why I like smaller YouTube channels

  4. MrRed2683 says:

    The fans could of been so much more savage lol. What a joke…..

  5. Cassidy West says:

    4:13 it's "asked" not "axed" talk like a human being.

  6. we all know why blizzard did this they know mobile is a easy market and 2 so they can fill the game with microtransactions. What is bad these gaming journalists is siding with blizzard and saying the diablo fans are the problem. The guy that asked the question is right blizzard has no respect for its fanbase.

  7. Chris Wave says:

    That question was funny as fuck.

  8. Fusionx916 says:

    Totally agree with you. Blizzard disrespected us.

  9. jack M says:

    thank you for covering the subject even though you yourself are not a hardcore fan. I hope more people outside of the diablo community voice the concerns. Blizzard has been known to often, introducing new standards to market considering them being one of the top giants of the industry. If they get away with this, rest assure other companies would and will try to jump on cash grab wagon with AAA games. I am sure no one wants to see something like Lord of the rings:shadow of wars 2 MOBILE!

  10. Kay Tee says:

    Hey, BG!

    I think a great idea you can do with the content that plays in the background while you talk, is to find gifs and pictures on the net, and make a quick collage video like DJ Akademiks does with his vids and commentate over that. I’m kinda of really tired of you putting shit up that I’ve still haven’t gotten around to play yet (red dead) and on top of that, I think my idea is pretty genius. You can basically be DJ akedemiks of quick gaming commentary news on YouTube.

  11. i think that question was totally justified, its mutual disrespect.

    You dont respect us, your players/customers, then we don't respect you.

  12. They're getting they ass roasted

  13. Axess2084 says:

    Mobile is a cash cow. They can put the game out for free – or for a small fee – and milk the players for everything else. Mobile games are pay-to-win at their core. It's a rip off, period! That's why all of these companies are putting out mobile games. They want that Candy Crush money. But, the joke's on them. People who play Candy Crush aren't going to play Diablo or Elder Scrolls, etc., on their phone.

  14. In their defense everyone has a smart phone to play it…in gamers defense real gamers don’t want to play on smart phones…

  15. Conor Doyle says:

    I personally feel gears tactics was a sting since it will have its own story which I’m a huge fan of the gears story lore

  16. Vaunred1 says:

    All they had to do was copy Microsoft at E3. How they showed 3 different Gears games, one for everyone. That's all they had to do, but the waste the stage at Blizzcon to show a mobile game LOL

  17. Cave Man says:

    they deserve those savage comments…don't deny their right to be disliked for the crapped they've been doing with the Diablo game AND almost everyone's childhood!

  18. i'm JGott says:

    Diablo 3 came out 6 years ago, damn bro is math that hard?
    Anyways, I’m interested in this mobile version.

  19. Jay Dee says:

    Kingdom hearts is my favorite gaming franchise but I would have been highly pissed if after all this build up and lore they made 3 a free to play game that's only on phones.

  20. I've been waiting for another Diablo to hit and was hella juiced when the trailer popped up…….. but when I saw that it was only a mobile game, I WAS STILL JUICED. ??? I can see why the diehards would be mad tho and rightfully so.

  21. jose solis says:

    And we can thank limmy and smoove for bending down and grabbin ankles for this.
    Gotta stand up to these companies.

  22. I saw Jason Shreirer and others saying that those who were savages and boo'd were out of line, and disrespectful lol I don't see it that way.Yea it's not the devs fault per say but I think it's good fans are able to speak out! I would LOVE if Nintendo got those questions like "Is this an april fools joke?" I'd stand up and cheer if i was there lol

  23. Zack says:

    I pulled the guy up then he just jumped back to the river man this game goat

  24. And in the reveal video on the Diablo Official YouTube page, apparently they started to delete comments too. smh

    Also that trailer as of right now has 8K Likes and more than 250K Dislikes. damn.

  25. NoxZero says:

    Greg Miller tried condemning he fanbase it's like sorry dude we don't all like to suck everyone's dick like you.

  26. bbq says:

    There’s a change.org petition to cancel the game that was created 3 hours ago. Already has over 15k signatures lol

  27. Lokizarro says:

    Yeah this Diablo situation is just sad. Outsourced to this third party development company, and restricted only to mobile devices, when the franchise has always existed and primarily thrived on PC. Utterly sad. No doubt an attempt to monetise the franchise and open the floodgates to casuals and microtransaction whales.

  28. Jswolls 510 says:

    I'm a huge Diablo fan, I've bought the game 3 times. I'm pissed off

  29. This already happened before but with prince of persia, ubisoft said get hyped only to announce a shitty mobile game, this was back in 2012 or 13, and for tge 25th anniversary of the series they gave us another mobile game yet no one cared but me lol, i guess PoP isnt as big as i thought

  30. mugenred23 says:

    I’m sure is gonna be pay to win. 99 cents for potions etc

  31. Hit Like Button. Thank you!

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