DO YOU GUY NOT HAVE PHONES – Diablo Immortal [Blizzcon 2018 Highlights]

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DO YOU GUY NOT HAVE PHONES – Diablo Immortal [Blizzcon 2018 Highlights]

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  1. Jean Valjean says:

    After some thinking and research I think I understand what happened, but I could be wrong :). I think the loser in this story is NetEase. I think Blizzard sold the game to NetEase and NetEase thought they could use Blizzard's notoriety and take advantage of fans to come up with a casino game like they do on Android. Because it's pretty unrealistic to see a company like Blizzard offer its fans such a bland game on mobile, while the world of computer developers are moving ever more towards realism. The Wow Dx12 and Warcraft proof. Hence the objective answer that there will be no computer version. So Blizzard and the fans have lost Diablo and NetEase have destroyed Diablo, NetEase for me it's not a big loss because they used their game engine and made some graphic change. So yes it's a fat scam well disguised with the complicity of Blizzard ..

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