DON’T Evolve Your Pokemon Before Understanding THIS UPDATE! Pokemon Go IV Calculator!

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TAKE 2! Explaining new IV calculator in the new Pokemon Go update!
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25 Responses

  1. Watching you is enjoying and a lot of learning about pokemon go.

  2. Jumat says:

    Admitting your mistakes was the nicest thing you had done in a day. You just earn my respect.

  3. Voltic 04 says:

    Is there a difference in the Attack and HP and Defense?

  4. 5:08 at the place i live, i probably get about 40 a week ?

  5. So should u evolve based on iv’s or cp

  6. Quinniecat10 says:

    Mystic7 I am on team mystic

  7. There are normally only blue and red gyms but when we opened pokemon go we knew it was summer because all gyms were red and yellow(mainly yellow)??

  8. It is sad that he had to explain to certain people its a joke

  9. Mystique is the best team evee in the in thier world

  10. Don't play pokemon go instead buy an actual pokemon game

  11. Sabmis says:

    You are very handsome guy, will you marry me?

  12. Reva Toma says:

    M and v are best teams not i

  13. Reva Toma says:

    I’m team mistic and my mom and dad are not

  14. Reva Toma says:

    Mistic7 make a raid3 battle

  15. nice magikarp! hellla people have gyrodos. I see them in gyms all the time. i'm currently on level 16 and i'm 3 candies walking away from turning my charmander into a charmeleon. I evolve them into second evolution or last if second is the last evolution. lets say I have the evolution and it's cp is 27 but I have the first evolution and it's at cp 218. I have deleted the cp 27 even though it is the evolution of the pokemon that has a higher cp. when am I going to use the low cp in battle? i'm not, so theres no reason to keep it. it's already in my poke'dex and shows that I have caught it once, but waiting to evolve what I have as the evolution will turn out to be a higher cp.

  16. Kevin Jones says:

    Thank you for the advice. Now go to he'll you mystic sum. VALOR ftw

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