Double Victory Royale! – Fortnite Battle Royale Xbox One Gameplay

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We’re on the hunt for another victory royale in Fortnite Battle Royale on the Xbox One! We’re dropping into some more unfamiliar territory to figure out the location of other chests, and end up as the last man standing.

Not only do we find one victory, but we find two!

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21 Responses

  1. How much fps do we get on fortnite xbox one 30 or 60 ??

  2. Ai Alvin says:

    Add me on xbox one AiAlvin30

  3. I love this game it's the best on xbox one and also its free

  4. Is this the xbox one s or the normal xbox one?

  5. Its Marpen says:

    could i add u as friend on xbox

  6. Hyper Wolfz says:

    My name is Spikecool231ers no caps no space
    I have 57 wins add me to play

  7. I want to buy a ps4 on xb1 bu just one controller it and the cables..i have a friend who has ps4 is fortnite cross platform? And which should i buy?

  8. Leviawesome says:

    Hi your really good at fort nite and I saw you!but I didn’t kill you because I thought you were recording

  9. A med kit for pump when he has 2 burst

  10. I am on xbox one s my username is JujuGamer123456 can we play some time?

  11. Rey Garcia says:

    Does fortnite run smooth on the regular xbox one

  12. king ky says:

    Can u add me killerking1520

  13. U gotta build more often when ur shot at

  14. Sarah Hulst says:

    This is the best fortnite chanale i'v ever seen in my life. Thank you for putting this chanale on youtube

  15. Harry Miller says:

    are you gode at fortnite datole roe l

  16. Kaura says:

    Plz do tutorial ja how to stream Youtube on Xbox one

  17. GIANT TryRy says:

    Can u play with me I’m a subscriber

  18. How you are doing 30:00 video on xbox one s I drk pls tell me

  19. Damn You says:

    Literally only finded about this game 5 minutes ago. I had to check it out.

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