EnVision Drops Overwatch Team, LAG Fines Iremiix & Mayhem Sign Hagopeun For Academy | Akshon Recap

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EnVision Esports has disbanded their Overwatch Contenders team:

Former London Spitfire support player…

overwatch update

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29 Responses

  1. Which free agents do you think will definitely get picked up for Season 2 of the OWL?

  2. So glad Envison was picked up by Envyus

  3. Luke Chung says:

    Since when was using a derogatory word for an insult ever acceptable? Changing the n word into a way to insult people and a greeting just because you just changed a few letters? Just because it's an abbreviation and used widely on the internet as an insult rather then to be used to attack the LGBT community doesn't mean it's acceptable to use in public. I'm not a Social Justice Warrior or whatever insults you can call me, but it's just common sense. Do you see a person who is German and be like "Heil Hitler! What up my dude." No because it obviously implies racism and a genocide created by a dictator who wanted to control the world. Don't you see it?

  4. Liam Coulter says:

    Contenders should be an AHL (Hockey), A, AA, and AAA (Baseball) and G-League (Basketball)-esque league for nurturing young/underdeveloped talent. This is a key step in increasing the level of play and balance between teams. Look at how Minor League teams revolutionized the MLB. So although I know it sucks to see organizations leave Contenders is becoming what it should be.

  5. Can we talk about this "stat privacy" shit? Like it's nice to scroll over people to see whether we have diversity in the team, I know before I've had all tank mains in my team and we had people going dps and unable to do as much but we spoke about it and ending up going 3 tank 3 supp and rolled the other team after 3 mins of nothing on the first point of Numbani.

  6. Yusuf YILMAZ says:

    Runaway already have 2 dps so who is going to be benched ?

  7. since was flower on XL2?? He's one of the best dps flex players in the world!! Remember when he was with South Korea in the world cup? Like whattt

  8. why did u use pacific ring in the end, aren't you afraid of getting a copy right strike?

  9. calvin m says:

    someone sign Roolf, Gods, Nicough, Knoxxx and Winz into owl pls

  10. thadex says:

    If Fissure or Jjonak is going to be the MVP then I nominate Freefeed as the LVP

  11. But he's better than the mayhems zen player… Why?

  12. Dumpster says:

    This is so hilarious because the academy team has a better zen than their OWL team.

  13. Why do U.S. people not like a relegation system that'll be cool.

  14. Big uwu says:

    I like the narrator’s voice

  15. Robin Clower says:

    I mean, it's pretty obvious that OWL is looking at pro sports for inspiration every step of the way. It would be really weird if there were just random minor league teams in baseball who don't belong to a major league org. MLB teams can just move people up and down the ladder depending on performance so having a minor league team where there's no upward movement just means death for that team. Nobody would want to join it. It sucks for Endemics, but that's the way of it…

  16. RunnerOW i says:

    "I used to imagination, but now I Envision." FeelsBadMan

  17. thadex says:

    Florida will probably replace zebbosai and zuppeh

  18. heroicsenpai says:

    I’d like Buds to be picked up by Houston so he can join his FNRGFE teammates. I personally would find him a better fit instead of Jake, he can flex to Tracer, Soldier, Pharah, Hanzo, and Junkrat.

  19. Ben trinkrr says:

    That’s really sad that the academy team has a better zen than the main team

  20. Buds clearly deserves a new team that guy was a massive player,I hope that Blizzard will eventually listen to the calls of help from tier 2 CompOW because it is really in a bad shape for aspiring players

  21. Kellen says:

    "you know what fuck it, you know the biggest differnce? I GOT TO PLAY." -Seagull the badass

  22. Allen M says:

    iRemix said some offensive word on stream and had to write a goddamn apology letter… wtf is this, first grade

  23. B M says:

    Why is hagopuen playing for mayhem academy rather than the actual mayhem team cos zuppeh has been pretty crap throughout the season (well all of Florida played crap but u know what I mean)

  24. Update: Twoeasy has announced on Seagull's stream that he will be returning to pro play as a member of a Contenders team: https://bit.ly/2tIJ6L7

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