Everything you need to know about Sombra // Overwatch Sombra Guide and Discussion

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How Sombra will impact the competitive scene // [COMING SOON!]

With Sombra released on the PTR, I decided I would go through and test a bunch of things about the hero to find out all the basic information, some of the more important and useful interactions, and some of the hidden mechanics behind all of the elements of her abilities and design, so you don’t have to do all of that research and know what’s going to work, what won’t, and some useful…

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19 Responses

  1. Video ends.
    Youtube commercial comes on.
    The new watch_dog trailer.
    "Hello. I´m a hacker"

  2. ldlo0olbl says:

    Good video, but a few criticisms:
    – would be nice to compare damage statistics and ultimate charge rate to other heroes
    – don't assumed your audience is retarded, or learn to speak more precisely. I don't know which case it is, but you over-explain obvious stuff, and repeat things
    – in an "*everything* you need to know" video, you may want to talk about Sombra in the meta and implications you think her release will have
    I follow your channel because it's more in depth than mainstream channels, I'm hoping you continue being more complex than mainstream channels.


  4. Georg Plaz says:

    i dont like the occasional pausing of the video without any other visual indicator. i always think the video froze, since that sometimes happens. apart from that: great video!

  5. Men you deserve more follower, incredibly well explained and well tought process in all of your video, keep it up!

  6. Meta says:

    Super helpful. Thanks so much!

  7. No offence but you deserve more subs

  8. Redymare says:

    If two Sombras hack a health pack at the same time, the one who started it later will hack it.

  9. Purri says:

    Great video, as always, but I'd like to add a couple of things:
    1) Sombra's Hack and Symmetra's primary fire (didn't checked 2nd one, might be a fake) can "detect" invisible Sombra
    2) While teleporting, Sombra has invincibility for a brief moment. Like Tracer's Recall, if I'm not mistaken.

  10. It's also worth noting, that all Hacked health packs will have their Hack removed, if the player who Hacked them changes to a different hero.

  11. P. Coaster says:

    I believe that Zarya doesn't loose her Shield HP when EMPd when she has her own bubble up (might be true for Zen as well if he's under a Zarya bubble). Also I need to test if Zarya gains the charge from her bubbles be destroyed by EMP. I liked the other mechanics you presented though and am looking foward to the strats you come up with!

  12. Corlwow says:

    Also, when you hack enemies can you press tab and see their ultimate status???

  13. Corlwow says:

    I have a question, I've seen this multiple times now: I've hacked a health pack at the same time an enemy sombra has. I got the health pack, it became mine, and I died. Then I see when I get back it is their health pack. I even see it in the kill cam, the winner of the duel seems to be the surviving sombra, not the one who gets it first. Can anyone confirm this?

  14. Insom Nia says:

    since when does armor cut damage in half?? armor subtracts 5 to every "bullet" damage that comes in!

  15. KingCreepa says:

    You said a radius of 20 meters but the video you showed that didnt happen and from what i tested it was 15 not sure if im right.

  16. CptAlex says:

    Can Zarya shield remove the hack effect from an ally like it removes discord orb and heal debuff ?

  17. Finally! I love you Icarus (full homo)!

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