Evolution of Fortnite Map (Season 1 – Season 6)

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Fortnite Season 6 is almost here. In Season 6 the map will be updated once again with new locations, point of interests etc. After so many updates not many players will remember all the original map. In this video you can look at the evolution of the entire Fortnite map.

We all love all the Fortnite map. Today, we are looking at all Fortnite map changes from the beginning to now! As you can see, these are all the Fortnite maps from Season 1 till Season 6 Fortnite Map. Fortnite Season 6…

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50 Responses

  1. FORTNITE DANCES IN REAL LIFE THAT ARE 100% IN SYNC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgFBcL97Tmc

  2. Cey Trez says:

    who else misses this gun 8:31

  3. Gold justice says:

    Why is the fortnite map so bright in season 1?

  4. OK I'm so confused season 1,2,3,4 have the same map

  5. In season 2 tilted towers was made

  6. I think you got mixed up with the maps bc dusty was not named back then.

  7. LOLBIT Libby says:

    I like season 6 because it’s amazing and cool and the sand it’s just awesome!

  8. A Duck says:

    All these vids before season 6 are just clickbaiting people

  9. c smyth says:

    Season 2 is the best

  10. ShadowNorway says:

    Season 2 and season 3 was the best because it was when fortnite gave sense! but now season 6 it is a magical flying cube and a space space in dusty and nothing makes sense…

  11. Sergio lega says:

    There is a video in my clickbait

  12. MaQuick says:

    and season 4 is teh ebst season be cause it is

  13. U lied ;-; I got season 6 and the ice place is not there u lied to us all ;-;

  14. U lied ;-; I got season 6 and the ice place is not there u lied to us all ;-;

  15. This video is sponsored by twitch streamers who plays at season 1 and 2

  16. TROPAS 70 says:

    Thats not the season 1 map i played fortnite before flush faktory came out

  17. Viskuli says:

    My fav season is 2 cuz tiöted came out

  18. Nick G says:

    My fave season was season 4 because of drum gun and double pump and the battle pass was lit

  19. Morris says:

    Season 2 was the best!

  20. Red Eagle says:

    10:23 fake map so clickbait

  21. Kate Mahone says:

    Tilted was added in season 2

  22. Kyth Anims says:

    Season 5 Is My Favorite Season Because That's When Loot Lake Was Bouncy.

  23. Thatis sen 6 so get all your mins richt can you read that sen 6

  24. FaZe_ H20 says:

    Yo season 6 doesn't look like that boi this is Fake

  25. 1 Boi says:

    4:46 ??????????? fucking time travel

  26. 1 Boi says:

    4:46 I don’t think the dark bomber was in season three

  27. Keni Dracnil says:

    Cuando el cubo ba a explotar

  28. umm.. wrong Timing for clickbaiting honey

  29. Do the evolution of the battle bus

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