Exploring Destiny 2: Forsaken's Tangled Shore

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Much of Forsaken’s campaign will take place in a brand new environment, the Tangled Shore, and Suriel and Leo offer their impressions of the zone alongside gameplay and scenic flythroughs.

Head to to see more exclusive Forsaken videos the day before they’re posted on YouTube, as well as several written features already available on some of the expansion’s bosses and exotics.

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34 Responses

  1. 20DegreeZ says:

    What planet is the tangled shore on??

  2. JB 93 says:

    Wait so I have to buy this shitty dlc to 1) progress and achieve better light levels, 2) get masterwork tokens…. fuck you Bungie

  3. Is this guy using cayde’s cloak????

  4. Fyre says:

    Can't wait to get more blue armor drops

  5. pcuimac says:

    Another dead lifeless region with nothing to explore. No fucking jokes and bickering!? Yeah!
    Lost Sectors? They are lost for a reason. lame

  6. Sonny Ankau says:

    worst commentary i have ever heard, holy shit. shut the fuck up or say something substantive. jesus christ lol.

  7. John Smith says:

    The way this guy talks you would think this is a fisher price game lol

  8. Tangled Shore is kinda a boring simple generic name

  9. Captain Rex says:

    'Three shots'

    "Three is um… Better than one"

  10. Tells kids not to watch T for teen game because apparently a little bit of fog = the big spook (also warframe beats this game 9/10 times)(free/75$)????

  11. Josh Melena says:

    “It shoots 3 arrows instead of 1”
    “Yea 3 is better than the 1”
    “3 times better”

  12. DarkKosmic says:

    I love that fallen pub that was at the end, especially since it looked like they had a dj

  13. DJPlaysGames says:

    Found a channel better than IGN

  14. JZN says:

    Not even a token anymore… Just a blue!

  15. Nathan Reed says:

    3:20 uh, house of wolves anyone???

  16. Nathan Reed says:

    1:40 this is what that flicker is,
    your welcome ??


  17. Ian Broshar says:

    cayde 6 better get brought back at the end of forsaken. hes the only vanguard member i care about

  18. Just put destiny 1 in destiny 2 or the other way around

  19. BrDaCoZ says:

    I see public events still offer utterly meaningless 'rewards', why not have them contribute towards progression on something? No materials for upgrades or what?

  20. Bonez says:

    Its 70 #%@!$&* dollars!

  21. The Loot is better in the Forsaken Lost Sector… lmao. You must be joking. I guess these guys weren't paying attention to Warframe's new DLC that is coming. I play all three games, D2, Warframe and the Division. No matter what all three are loot shooters. Watching this was so dull. All Fallen act the same exact way. No matter if they are brand new to the game. The Barons are the only things really different cause they are bosses. I'm going to wait until my friends buy it..this shit what Bungie throws at us is freaking sad. Lost Sectors show be giving legendary gear. So on the fence with this DLC.

  22. so bungie wants $30 for a bunch of blues? not even one purp though…not really inspiring

  23. So from this video it seems like just a reef, fallen, and prison of elders reskin/cut content. Nothing seems to stand out imo. Supers are new and impressive though. Bungie seems to never add something new unless it comes with dlc. I mean that’s kind of a given with games like this but to keep out other players based on dlc definitely
    gives a cash grab vibe.

  24. A_O_Assault says:

    One blue and glimmer LMAO!!!

  25. like…like….like like like like like literally like like literally

  26. Sean McEuen says:

    8:33, there’s a Siva symbol.

  27. Even 10 sensitivity is a bit slow… i wish bungie would give us faster sensitivities for controller.

  28. Damon Holmes says:

    Really the same drops again ?

  29. Jean Bryot says:

    Explorin with money. Money aaaandddd more money

  30. They explain it to you like retards Cuz you are for buying content that should have been in the main game.

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