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Today we run the numbers the only way iPhone users can right now to find the best Dratini in Pokemon Go. Once we find it, we can evolve it, power it up, and hope for the best moveset. Bored checking your IV’s, check along with me! Post your best IV’s + Team in the comments!

IV Calculator:

Printable Protractor:

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7 Responses

  1. finally a youtuber that knows what he is talking about, IV is a better judgment over DPS. seriously just going through and finding people who are just talking and people are trying there best to find what's good

  2. X_Will_ X says:

    Good video you earn a subscriber!

  3. X_Will_ X says:

    How do you get the protractor on phone, and how do you put the symbol in the Pokémon? Please reply thanks

  4. Ay e Ae says:

    I evolved my 100iv dratini into a Dragonite

  5. this is like the worst Ivs I ever saw in my life 50% wtf

  6. "Finding the best dragonite in pokemon GO"
    Amount of dragonites in this video = 0
    GG WP

  7. how did you get the protractor?

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