FORTNITE | ALL MILITARY WEAPONS | Perk It Or Pass It | Which Military Weapons Are Actually Worth It?

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With So Many Military Weapons That Were Released I Wanted To Cover All Of Them before We Break Them Down And Let You Know Exactly Which Ones Are Worth Leveling…In This Episode Of Perk It Or Pass It?

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26 Responses

  1. Which Weapon Do You Want A Full Breakdown Of First? <3

  2. risenis says:

    Got suggested your videos by YouTube and I was expecting another dude with a bunch of 'opinions passed off as fact' but I'm pleasantly surprised! The content is well thought out.
    You deserve way more subs! Keep it up.

  3. James Davis says:

    Kinda sucks that they brought these weapons back but whatever

  4. Noah F says:

    I still need the wraith 🙁

  5. Never showed how you perked the ground pounder, would really like to know

  6. Is the firerate because of Skull Ranger Ramirez?

  7. What is the hero build?

  8. Cesar Diaz says:

    does having whisper 45, bobcat, and silence spectre on brightcore matter? i noticed that most of your guns are sunbeam and im more into brightcore

  9. He says crit chance a few times and means rating

  10. The only weapon i dont bought in season 4 was the hacksaw is worth grinding the llamas?

  11. I got whisper.45 but haven't gotten silenced spectre 🙁

  12. Flea says:

    15:48 Did you mean to say "Quad Launcher" instead of "Hydra"? Got a little confused by that. I know the Hydra is very similar to the Rat King and is good when built for First Shot Rio, as you've said before.

  13. IAmHonorable says:

    you are making videos about a childs game with your face in them you should be embarrassed

  14. IAmHonorable says:

    Bro you need tou use the bald eagle with fire rate dumbass its not a crit weapon you dont know how to play zombies

  15. Bart Meeus says:

    You really should test weapons without any advantage form hero loadout, then you will see the wraith performs so bad compared to the pain train, because the higher impact you would be having more advantage then the wraith… Tho keep this nice work up, it informs people and that is an advantage compared to other clickbait vids, i just subscribed !!!

  16. I got the quad launcher from the military llama!!

  17. Rob McDonagh says:

    Really helpful thanks!

  18. Can you tell me what are the perks on the hacksaw ?

  19. Tyler Ivory says:

    Hey. Dont get me wrong. Im not a hater, and i do give credit where credit is due. You did show us all of the military weapons with gameplay. However, you kinda tried to guilt trip us into watching your top 5 pistol vid. Im not watching this specific vid to get shamed, ya know? Also, the obliterator is the only sniper that can shoot through walls without using energy cells and the roll selection gives potential. The bald eagle almost 1 tapped the newer buff blaster in your clip and you still called it a bad mist monster weapon. And lastly, your way of saying pass or not is a little sloppy. You basically told us to upgrade the OP weapons that 99% of us already knew we needed to upgrade, and not to upgrade a few weapons that are very unique. For instance, the quad launcher is the only explosive that doesnt set off propane tanks. Perfect for ssd trap tunnels. Then the weapons that were left over, you basically said to upgrade if we like it or not. Please dont take this as hate. I see that you are trying, but im just letting you know that you really under rate a few of these weapons.

  20. someone tell me should I upgrade my slow n snared sileced spectre or affliction dmg one?

  21. nope your doing better lol

  22. looks like I am not the only one getting less then average llamas

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