Fortnite: ALL SECRET MAP CHANGES v10.30 "Rocket Returns" + "Moisty Palms" – Season X WEEK 7

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Fortnite: ALL SECRET MAP CHANGES v10.30 “Rocket Returns” + “Moisty Palms” – Season X WEEK 7 – Map Changes Map changes More and more please! What is your favourite Fortnite Season X Week 7 Map Change?

USE CODE “Postboxpat” in the ITEM SHOP to show love, support and respect to the channel. Shout outs via Twitter and Discord.

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35 Responses

  1. postboxpat says:

    Use Code “Postboxpat” or else Kevin and the Visitor will disappear with a click. ☺️👍Also don’t forget to comment your epic ID / IGN for a chance of being gifted💖

  2. Where is the stone people

  3. Lb Vlogz says:

    Code PostPoxPat
    Code Name : prison
    Epic ID : LB—Sniper__8K6

    3 – 2_

  4. Lb Vlogz says:

    New Name Idea For Greasy : Guaco Grove / Greasy Guacos

  5. Kodi and co says:

    I use code postboxpat
    Username=kodi the beast8 Can i have the battle pass pls 'prison'

  6. Prison Code postboxpat ign ph falk

  7. Jaxbone617-i use code postboxpat

  8. Mobeen Umar says:

    I love Prison
    epic games name: SajandDaud

  9. Tails tttw says:

    I used code postboxpat and my username is TailsTTW69 also, prison 😉

  10. Aaa.C.l F1 says:

    Code postboxpat
    Name XdDunkerz-


  11. Mr. Galaxy says:

    my ING is Mr_Galaxy1221 i used PostBoxPat in the shop
    Also The PRISON looks good 😉

  12. I used code postboPost box packed

  13. Used code postboxpat in the fortnite itemshop

  14. In game name Dakattack689

  15. Use code postboxpat

  16. Prison and code postboxpat ign is CharliePizza999

  17. ADA Nytp says:

    CODE POST BOXPAT 4 EVER name Nytp -_

  18. Henry Boy says:

    My in game name is organiccash24 prison

  19. I use code postboxpat and I play on Xbox and my username is strangerspark

  20. My username is strangers spark andI play on Xbox

  21. TreE_ YT says:

    Prison I use code postboxpat and on your season 7 ice king event i donated saying use code postboxpat can i get a skin? My epic name is Siege5556

  22. Taylor Ngoy says:

    RapidThiefs is ign and Prison

  23. prison Code Postboxpat My user is Proper On IOS

  24. I used your code. green_day2308

  25. JealousBadge090 my in game name. Prison. I use code postboxpat

  26. Cole Morrow says:

    Colecraft97 code post box pat prison

  27. Elite Clan says:

    IGN- cbearthebest
    Use code post box pat in the bottom right hand corner of the fortnite item shop

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