Fortnite Battle Royale* Live-Final Hour of Season 1

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Mostly have fun with friends.


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30 Responses

  1. Suo Sdo says:

    Him in season 7 he is like ninja

  2. I love seeing 11yr olds swear

  3. Like if 1 season is better than 7

  4. Lion says:

    I Remember this times when noone tryhards?

  5. Season 1 or Season 7? Like and write bellow?

  6. When there was bas grafic in Fortnite

  7. Anyone season 7 almost 8??

  8. Ugxna says:

    the good old days ?

  9. Now ‘‘tis kid has the rarest skin In the game

  10. When no one cared about material lol

  11. Manas Saxena says:

    And welcome to an another episode of "Why is this in my recommended section?"

  12. who else is watching in 2019

  13. MX Frostix says:

    Who else clicked because they saw Renegade Raider?

  14. green donut says:

    Good thing season 7 revived the shit out of fortnite

  15. Elijah Walls says:

    I thought the kid was a Broken record "No, Reload" ?

  16. Kevin :D says:

    Stop complaining about fortnite. Honestly, if it’s trash, then why do you play it? You guys don’t understand that the people who make the game bad is the COMMUNITY. I bet whenever you get killed or finished by someone you say the game is trash. There’s a difference between the game being trash, and the community being toxic and sweaty and try hard and whatever they are. But you only complain because nowadays the game Is harder. But still, even though “ the game is trash” you play it everyday or very often.

  17. Season shop didnt reset cause there was none in season 2 XD

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