Fortnite Glitches Season 4 (After update) Under the map God mode PS4/Xbox one 2018

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In this video i am going to show you under the map Glitches after the latest update.

Shopping cart came back so Glitches are working again on any game modes.

Glitch is working on all platforms like PS4, Xbox one and PC.

Instructions :-

Make the structure connected to any mountain and take the shopping cart inside the structure.

And press drive and look down and eventually you’ll get inside the Glitch.

I hope you guys will enjoy the video, if you do enjoy please hit the like button…

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42 Responses

  1. Superxtreme says:

    OMG its fucking working last time i tryed it didnt work because i was stupid and i did not search for another place but this time i found the perfect spot not gonna tell ya but keep trying you'll be amazed

  2. Keelan says:

    The tech scammers are on youtube.

  3. Pitch350 says:

    Wait what??? They added the shopping carts holy shit

  4. Shy says:

    I found the same glitch easier

  5. can you show us how to get godmode

  6. Dj Afro Sky says:

    Please release the v Bucks GLITCH

  7. Stram Kusse says:

    Allways a Russian or an Indian

  8. You realize epic games watches these as soon as they post so they can fix right so they just gonna take shopping carts out permanently

  9. Orangebuds says:

    Hope you get banned pice of shit ruining the game for everyone

  10. Mr.Moon says:

    i not find a Shopping cart ;(

  11. Sizuo Netto says:

    I hope u will be banned

  12. Thanks for showing your PSN ID, I downloaded this video and sent it to Epic Games support in case you delete this you fucking cunt

  13. Why tf would you show this you fucking dumbass people are now doing this shit and killing me

  14. He talks hella fast Indian boi put ur speed at 0.75

  15. Isck Johnson says:

    Fuck you cant even play normal

  16. Shox_Eagle says:

    I found a under map glitch can I send you a clip via Twitter or instagram?

  17. Landry says:

    I found a new glitch spot that’s easier to do on first try. Add my account GrassyLobster and I can show you so you can make a new video

  18. i know a new underground glitch message me back if you want to know it

  19. E GAMEZ says:

    Thanks for showing everyone keep up the good work

  20. I senden this Video to epic games Motherfucker

  21. FB frosty 23 says:

    Every video you got a different gamer tag even on the battle stars so don't say because you will get banned

  22. you actually ruin the game, need to glitch to get kills. fuck off back to a call centre

  23. Hello bro please I am from India please bro tell me how to get free skins or vbucks in Fortnite I am not having battle pass also please give me one or tell me how to get free vbucks glitiches

  24. it always flips are you saying i should go to another hill maybe where you are?

  25. Grey Gaming says:

    this is Microsoft technical support

  26. Stop ruining the darn game

  27. U need to press square or drive twice

  28. wIting for vbuks vid please

  29. but dude the shopping cart is banning me from the server or when i use it im loosing connection :C

  30. Its not patch and the god mode is fake he is lying

  31. CATSSEG says:

    erase your video dumb ass

  32. I have esey one contact me on instagram to tell you how

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