Fortnite How to do the Time Trial, Tomato Town Location

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fortnite wiki

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28 Responses

  1. If this video has helped you out, please consider when buying stuff in the item shop using my User Tag: galaxytechreview in the "support a creator" program! Every little bit helps me and this channel!

  2. studioOgamz says:

    Lol just take impulse nades so yeah I did it on foot first shot

  3. Dat Zebra says:

    thanks bro helped out heaps

  4. cringe god says:

    Thanks, this was pissing me off

  5. Xbox Live says:

    If u do u canโ€™t back out u have to die on every mission cause if u back out itโ€™s just means ur doing a mission and backing out just kill urself

  6. Thanks dude u save me from this challenge

  7. Pavlin Milev says:

    I tried the same thing and its not working

  8. All day of doing this I should have done this in the first play

  9. Who ever suggested this challenge in Epic Need to AsAP get FIReD OR REPRIMENED FOR SOME LIKE FREE SKIN! HAHAH

  10. You can easily do it on foot. Just took me a couple of attempts

  11. Thank you or the turorial it really helps

  12. Time trail in tomato town
    Excuse me?

  13. its broken it doesnt work

  14. RAX TM says:

    Thx man you really helped a lot this was so hard I tried with foot and with a shopping cart but now I finally completed this challenge!

  15. thanks a lot man your videos help me a lot

  16. Games trash I literally hit every one of these coins got no trial completed and the challahs music was still going but no coins in sight

  17. Itz Liv says:

    I wish I knew this before I uninstalled fortnite


  18. I thought I was the only one struggling

  19. Samm says:

    thanks dude spent an hour on this shit lol

  20. AwesomezYT says:

    Whoever made this shit hope he kms

  21. Max Norris says:

    I spent hours trying to do it on foot ๐Ÿ™

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