FORTNITE – How To See And Shoot Through Walls (5 Star Neon Sniper Rifle Gameplay)

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Gameplay starts at 3:11 (It’s really good when used with defenders!)

Easter Event…
🐰 ➀➀
πŸ‘― ➀➀

Wukong Gameplay ➀➀
Phase Scout Jess ➀➀

Valentine’s Event…
Snuggle Specialist Sarah ➀➀
Love Ranger Jonesy ➀➀
Heartbreaker Crossbow ➀➀

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24 Responses

  1. How often. Does the store. Refresh?

  2. Birb says:

    It doesn’t look like it does a whole lot of damage.
    Character: Are u sure about that?

  3. Whell ive always been able to see through walls from the day i started playing but maby it was part of an update

  4. honda_ryderz says:

    is the Copper Ranger worth 1,680 gold? can't find any videos reviewing it

  5. VirtzZ lx says:

    Do the event items have different perks each time u buy em, like the copper ranger

  6. Phuong Tien says:

    Why does it look like shots aren't on point….did you notice that too??

  7. MR Pedia says:

    Looks weak… and the new hero doesnt increase sniper dmg, only fire rate and reload time :"(

  8. Enimo23 says:

    Guys do yall gonna use this ? Its fucking cool but not usefull really

  9. McWafflesPK says:

    Is it just me or does this Sniper seem bugged? Like I won't be moving aiming for a clear headshot and it dips and hits their shoulder. Take out my AR or any other sniper and hit plenty of headshots in a row but this thing only seems to hit body shots no matter how close you are and aiming at their head. Anyone else notice this? Plus the dmg is shit. However its great at killing lobbers you can't see

  10. Flea says:

    The best use case I can see for this weapon is when those annoying lobbers run behind a wall or uses the terrain to hide themselves.

  11. GonzoBurn says:

    It looks like the second number that pops up is the damage you're doing to the environment.

  12. menace fn says:

    Good vid man please do a review on the scythe as well!!

  13. Schwi says:

    With the new Neon Weapons, the bullet lasts even after hitting a husk, so you can Pierce as many as you want.

  14. DoZoh says:

    Sorry I took a break from save the world since when could you hold over 999 materials? It says I have 5k metal do u need an upgrade for that? Or did they just change it for everyone

  15. This was a good explanation I think this will be good to use if you're standing at the edge of a trap tunnel and just shooting through all the husks

  16. test it on a defender! i did a solo atlas and put down my legendary sniper defender as back up by the base while i tested out the new Heavy Base Kyle 'feel the BASE' skill. he was shooting through the hill the atlas was on and all the traps and walls of course. i was impressed with how well it worked on him. made me realize it's perfect for defenders since you can now place them inside your base without them losing line of sight or worrying about them standing in poison clouds and bees.

  17. TTL says:

    I've got a neon shotgun if anyone wants to trade

  18. Hey A1 can i get your opinion on something i think is a big issue.

    Mythic leads.

    3 separate ones for each job. Static personalities. Why? This makes it so the mythic lead loot pool has triple the chance of rolling a duplicate job lead. Ive gotten all 3 mythics ever and im freakin pl70. 2 of them are doctors and the other one is useless. Its just a reason for them to make the leads harder to get. Theres no reason to have 3 with static rolls when legendaries have 1 with random personalities. That way you have a much higher chance of getting one for a job you're missing. If i have two squads with the same personality im gonna prioritize the mythic because its worth more anyway i wouldnt want to switch the mythics personality id change the epic/legendary.

    Not the best at explaining but im sure you know what i mean. Honestly i think this is a huge end game issue. First mythic in months and i have to recycle it… its only worth 20k in the collection book so not even worth.

  19. Fraxiin says:

    I think you need new sniper outlander to deal more dmg with it πŸ˜€

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