Fortnite In Depth: Suppressed SMG is the Worst Weapon In The Game

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Fortnite Scar:
Fortnite Suppressed SMG is possible the worst weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale. This episode of In Depth talks about the damage, range, and unusual recoil properties of the suppressed SMG. I also offer my educated opinion on why this weapon needs to be vaulted or reworked.
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44 Responses

  1. Darren Vo says:

    I Feel like the burst is the best weapon in the game


  2. kamill says:

    I love all of the hated weapons suppressed is op the revolver is so fun to use burst is good af i just dont understand why people hate these weapons

  3. And then the 15 buffs in a row happened

  4. BunPun! says:

    meh, good for destroying walls and then replacing them but otherwise

  5. Juan Lemus says:

    And now everybody spams smg’s and it’s so annoying

  6. well this didn't age well

  7. Kyle Beals says:

    Yeah this may need to be updated lol

  8. Stoopidツ says:

    Little did he know 0_0

  9. Gonkee says:

    A few months later… and it's now the best gun in the game.

  10. Drafon says:

    it shots very fast so it's not that bad

  11. Uhhh nope it actually is the best in the game play a little lol

  12. NecroPXR says:

    Now its the strongest

  13. Doofuzz 4805 says:

    Now it's the best fun in the game

  14. Gareth Jones says:

    It's got no power but it's silenced……So when i kill someone in titled i don't have 10 guys who heard my gunfire all run to my location.

  15. HypeBeast says:

    Drift or should redo this video because this weapon has gotten two massive buffs

  16. The Zen Show says:

    so do you change your mind now after the buff?

  17. Xysuhs says:

    well now it is one of the best weapons in the game ツ

  18. Sporty Zmech says:

    Now it's the most broken weapon in the game

  19. God says:

    It was buffed so…

  20. Suppressed smg is the new meta now

  21. TRZ0 says:

    Welp, not anymore.

  22. Still bad? It's really op now.

  23. Now with the buff, it’s probably the best imo

  24. Now its op its 5 more points of damage and shoots faster got buffed

  25. Scarface says:

    Ha, the suppressed smg is almost op

  26. Anthony Lenz says:

    Well fortnite community, you got your supressed smg buff and now its OP

  27. It was in till it got buff

  28. This guy is bad at fortnite

  29. It got buffed it’s better then scar it’s strait as heck

  30. It’s really good, watch Ceeday use it, it’s amazing

  31. This gun competes now with the shotgun nerfs lol

  32. Sehun Vekni says:

    Correct me but isnt the tac the fastest base destroyer?

  33. Lol I’m the only human on Earth that likes the suppressed smg. If they were to remove any gun then I think it should be the revolver. Maybe because I’m pretty good with the ssmg.

    Edit: I now love the revolver. I don’t know what I was thinking two months ago. I actually started to like the revolver about a month with no shield it’s a two shot kill and a headshot can be a one shot kill

  34. The buff made this weapon god imo

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