Fortnite Mobile – Android Lag Issues…

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Fortnite Mobile – Android Lag Issues… Even playing Fortnite on the newest Samsung Galaxy s9 players are complaining about lag. If you have played the Android version of the game let me know how the experience is so far. I am sure they will optimize and fix these issues quickly.

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45 Responses

  1. I wish my galaxy 7 would run fortnite like in this video >:[ [smoothly]

  2. I thougt wages of war is ur favourite game but… just follow the mainstream 🙁

  3. Guys, to speed up your guys devices do these steps: turn on Performance mode and set it to Gaming, download and install Samsung Game tuner, and turn the Resolution Ratio to 100% and set the HW Performance to +4, also go ahead and unlock Developer Options and turn on two things: Force GPU Rendering and Enable 4XMSAA. This will speed up your laggy Samsung phone. I am currently running a Samsung Galaxy S7, and with these settings enabled, I get a solid 60fps.

  4. Fardeen Syed says:

    How will android users purchase v bucks?

  5. I fucking deleted it it sucks I have a s9 and cant even fucking play it

  6. Dude why did u not get the heavy

  7. How do you know why they’re having low because they’re playing some songs it was crazy the things he was named for fortnight mobile not Samsung mobile answers I’m out mowing me and of course fortnight Samsung plasma for the movie because you’re still moving real cause her more Leggins Samsung

  8. Israel3zpoYT says:

    Its not the game its your phone

  9. My game is barely playable

  10. Nate TvTM says:

    Chase what are your settings

  11. Epic games can't optimize for 💩
    And how did it take so long?

  12. When I go on when I jumped out the battle bus it send me to the lobby and said something

  13. Hello says:

    I have an s8 and the game doesnt really lag for me, but the interaction bug is still there and a new texture bug is here now too. It makes all the textures look like a nintendo 64 game even though i play on high detail lol

  14. When we land we came back to home screen please fix this lag

  15. No shit lmao Android always has bad fps

  16. SweatxBen - says:

    I make quick ramp rush videos. Is it good?

  17. Cf Angelo says:

    He not get the heavy shotgun

  18. Make more vids come.on man

  19. My fortnite installer and it updated still not compatible well gonna wait for a year again

  20. Danzx says:

    How to improve graphics? (Fortnite Mobile)

  21. Tecqnize says:

    I tried this game on a brand new S7 Edge fresh out of the box fully updated etc. And i can only play this game on the lowest graphics it looks really bad and pixelated, also the phone became really hot in a short amount of time. I dont recomment playing this game tbh.

  22. The pixel 2 is the worst phone to play mobile on.

  23. MrKai playz says:

    Can you do more bullet Force?

  24. Can Samsung Galaxy S6 get fortnite mobile

  25. It's not on s6 i cant play 😢😢

  26. What region Do u play on

  27. I play fortnite mobile and I can’t here anything at all
    It’s so bad ☹️

  28. i see you play reepanwables bro you my biggiest fan now

  29. will 223YNW says:

    I'm really happy for u. U quit cops. I quit that loser fucking peace of shit game a year ago.. I was miserable while playing it didn't eat for days didnt shower didn't drink water.. thank u everybody for attempting 2 quit. Vro.

  30. Can u see my video I have an issue with my game can contact me if u know how to fix it plzzz

  31. JaDaN says:

    Rip I have a Samsung galaxy j7 perx😔

  32. Ever since fortnite was available on mobile you stopped playing other games Fortnite is overrated
    And it's gonna die soon I understand you want views but dude come on out of all the games why fortnite?

  33. Chuppah says:


  34. Vibra_ says:

    There's a new gun in cops where r u man

  35. ice king says:

    please bring back critical ops

  36. Josh Clark says:

    On my s9 I cant even move

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