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  1. zSponge YT says:

    0:55 Save The World
    2:42 Updates from V8.40

    6:14 Creative bug news
    7:09 Replay Mode

    9:36 Stats
    10:35 *This has been Glden, do with this information as you will, and ill see ya, in the next one.

    I make fnm montages btw ?

  2. Narzekamy says:

    I’d rather like to have option to get daily log rewards on my phone.

  3. ReverseKauai says:

    Is mobile ever gonna expand 60gps to other devices. I feel like apple is being a sellout and only allowing only their expensive devices so they can get more money

  4. Fire Xprim says:

    How do you have 60 fps or 50

  5. Probably make STW more mobile friendly by not using cross platform and control the visual effects

  6. Went from 4 finger claw to two finger claw is that a bad thing?

  7. xmoney 3456 says:

    Well I would not be surprised. People thought fortnite would never be on phones

  8. :v says:

    They just make a separate stw game app

  9. Saul Garcia says:

    They finally fixed the chests bug, all season long has had this bug

  10. I have disagree about siphon removal ruined fortnite, siphon ruined the game itself In my opinion: if epic didn't added the siphon (which it was a test) then we (community) wouldn't pressured the fuck out of epic employees even Tfue hates siphon.

  11. Saul Garcia says:

    Why does he talk like that? He stretches the last sounds of words

  12. AKAY 2.o says:

    I just wish my channel can grow bruh ??good video btw ?

  13. ZBGB33F says:

    I would play stw on mobile

  14. Ok so I originally played mobile then bought a steel series controller when that update came out and I’m trying to get back into touch controls and I’m absolutely trash so anyone got advice

  15. Kathy Balaj says:

    Your voice is so fucking annoying I want you to die

  16. I’m a youtuber and I want replay mode because I want to make 3D thumbnails

  17. Z Flakes says:

    My friend always said stw couldn’t work with mobile because of all the graphics it has mobile can’t handle. Now I can prove him wrong

  18. Is that normal, that my fn mobile is lagging, even though, i play on low settings, and my phone is as powerful as the Note 9?? (I could play on max settings btw.)

  19. Is it the same for Nintendo?

  20. ICE YT says:

    I’m so exited for replay I probably won’t play save the world

  21. ItzPixelz says:

    Stw isnt coming, its all because of the fact that they directly port all files

  22. The way he says “to Mobile” cracks me up

  23. Idk Butter says:

    Another thing in creative is I would goin my island and then leave go to my friends come back to mine I can’t see nothing on my island

  24. :D says:

    I want save the world on switch so i can work on it when im not at home

  25. SlayerNerd says:

    Man your channel has grow BTW I had Been here since you had less than 2k

  26. SweatyMobile says:

    Nice im making a channel im good at mobile

  27. ATL 331 says:

    Will Mobil add keyboard support

  28. honestly i don't care ima rant, Epic games has had months to had 60 fps to devices like galaxy s9/s9+ but nooo still no 60 fps but when we find a way to get 60 fps epic decides to patch it ASAP, but when it comes to bugs that annoy people the most and make some players quit they take their precious time, like wtf is epics problem epic can go suck a fat cock the fattest and longest a

  29. It happened to me on pc and mobile like if it happened to you

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