Fortnite Mobile Scrim Highlights

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Why don’t I stream ?
When I get a computer

Do I play claw?
Yes four finger

What device ?
iPhone 8 Plus

Can we 1v1 ?
If your subbed and when I stream…

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34 Responses

  1. AspanS8 says:

    Can you show updated hud please

  2. DreadG4L G says:

    When is next scrim

  3. Funny thing was I was about to get my 5 mobile solo win and I got killed by you. I’m not even mad.

  4. Mj My Boy says:

    Play me 1v1 playground Fortnite Name Mj My Boy anyone can get destroyed

  5. How do you get you shoot button in the upper right or left corner?

  6. squirty luis says:

    Low key thinking I’m better add me so we can 1v1 – squirtyluis

  7. FREE ! says:

    RIP x 🙁 btw Can i play with u

  8. Vicious_G0d says:

    You need to get better at building

  9. I play on mobile too it’s not even that hard it’s just a lot of bots playing

  10. iFearsy says:

    u have good layout too

  11. Joshua Artis says:

    you get better and better everyday

  12. Bro wtf you are playing against big noobs but u play very good

  13. Ejarm 2374 says:

    I have trouble knowing what to bulid at the right times

  14. firezdagger says:

    How do u have the edit button without going to the building menu

  15. Zeze Trerror says:

    Bruv ur bad I could clap ur ass when I'm on mobile noob

  16. Lautaro Pare says:

    0:00 I love that intro ❤

  17. JeffX15 0 says:

    Add me user:Qu1ncyKing

  18. aCiD COBRA says:

    Yo good video and lmk if you wanna 1v1 for more YouTube content

  19. QLS Brada says:

    1 V 1 ? ADD ME QLS BradaYT

  20. Rata Gaming says:

    Ur bad at Fortnite Mobile player

  21. lifey yermi says:

    Dude your soo pro I want to become like you like your a god dude.

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