Fortnite Outburst Pickaxe GAMEPLAY *LUNAR FESTIVAL PICKAXE* (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Fortnite Outburst Pickaxe GAMEPLAY *LUNAR FESTIVAL PICKAXE* (Fortnite Battle Royale), hopefully you enjoy and if you do make sure to leave a (like, comment and subscribe) it helps out a lot!

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11 Responses

  1. Suev says:

    Fortnite Outburst Pickaxe GAMEPLAY LUNAR FESTIVAL PICKAXE (Fortnite Battle Royale)

    I'm back… I'll be trying to make videos much more consistently starting today, as for streaming, I may not be so consistent because of the lag that I get when trying to do so. Thank you guys so much for 800 subscribers, and it's time to strive for 1000!

  2. Mirage says:

    What does the pickaxe look like when you swing at low effect?

  3. Very helpful thanks man??

  4. Did you enjoy this video? If you did make sure to like and sub for future content.

  5. Smozhen says:

    Wow its been a while.

  6. Elite HamzZ says:

    how old are you? Suev

  7. Binge Poodle says:

    Yay you’re relevant again. I’m just glad they haven’t brought back crimson scout I bought him in season 3 and he hasn’t returned sinse!

  8. Joshツ says:

    Thanks I was thinking of buying it

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