Fortnite PLEASE fix this weapon…

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Fortnite PLEASE fix this weapon…


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37 Responses

  1. Tfue: Fortnite, PLEASE fix this weapon.

    Fortnite: Fixes weapon

    Tfue: Wtf epic!?

  2. viktori says:

    Why I see you on every fortnite stream?

  3. Noah Walsh says:

    Tfue: fortnite please fix the flintlock pistol

    Community: fortnite please fix Tfue

  4. Don’t worry they will they only listen too you and ninja

  5. Last number of likes is who you are

    1: Solo God
    2:Solo Squad Beast
    3: A guy who camps
    4: the person who tells everyone at school that he has 10000 wins when he only has 1
    5: try hard
    6: better than tfue and ninja
    7:has the most wins in the world
    8: a noob
    9: a player who buys every item in the shop

  6. Liverpool says:

    Mostly people utse the baller to camp, tfue utse it to push!

  7. Only players from season 0-8 can like this

  8. Remeber when true had insane snipes and plays

  9. I know you cant play battlefield V battleroyale

  10. 3:21 tfue putting on those hacks

  11. CATS YAH BRO says:

    The person above me has 294 terabytes of cats mating

  12. Simply the best duo in the world

  13. Paul George says:

    i use to honestly believe i had a chance to beat youtubers back in the old fortnite days. now they would box me in and pic axe me to death

  14. why u no like electro fied 🙁

  15. MaZe_UnKnOwN says:

    Wheres my skin in subbed like you said in fortnite world cup stream

  16. LorenzFox says:

    I am selling my Fortnite-Account. I have Season 2 (not completely), Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7 and Season 8 (not finished yet). I also have 1550 V-Bucks and other Skins, Pickaxes and Dances that I bought. Price: 130$ (that’s btw cheap for an account like this) If you’re interested, tell me! 🙂

  17. almost gets deleted at the start of the game with a grey pistol, "I kiLleD oNe oF ThE bOts duDe"

  18. cheese cake says:

    Tofue why did you kidnap ceeday

  19. Lebo Sdizo says:

    SCREW YOU TFUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. New sub ?

    Nice Video ?

  21. you’re better then Ninja

  22. Jai Cos says:

    Gg that was amazing

  23. Golden Boy says:

    Ninja and Tfue back to being friendimy’s instead of enemys

  24. Tfue don’t pass rug. We want a cod boi to get 20 mil before fortnite boi

  25. How did ninja beat u in world cup he can't do real 90's

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