Fortnite Save the World's final fight – Twine Peaks storm shield defense 10!

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Save the World has a total of 4 different locations, you sart off in Stonewood and you progress through Plankerton and Canny Valley before you finally reach Twine Peaks, this takes months of grinding to reach. Each location have 10 defences where you have to defend your stormshield for usually 3-5 waves.

In the start of January 2019 I finally completed the 10th and final Stormshield in Twine Peaks, the attack takes around 1 hour and thousands of husks are attacking your base and the…

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36 Responses

  1. A1 Certi says:

    Can I ask if you watch David dean he is very talented when it comes to SSDs?

  2. Those headshot numbers are so satisfying

  3. Random Gamer says:

    Did u do this on a regular ps4 or pro because my ps4 is already barely handling twine ssd8

  4. super waleed says:

    nice i did mine too with a ninja you can check it out

  5. _TomczaK_ says:

    how long do you play ?

  6. comic sans says:

    Oh hell naw im not doing 10 I'm staying at 4

  7. i watched the whole video

  8. Kragon Keo says:

    What did you get at the end as a reward like how much vbucks


  9. QwakeyQwak says:

    It’s so satisfying watching them die in the trap tunnel. Ahhhh

  10. Kubalson says:

    Jesus the damage

    But really the amount of damage makes me wanna grind

  11. if any1 need help builder trap tunnels i gatchu just hmu

  12. Wyatt Clark says:

    OOMMGG 140 power husks how is that even possible

  13. Tammy Ford says:

    I got scanned if you want to help friend Dual Cookie83695

  14. can anybody help me finish plankerton storm shield defenese 6? my psn is imasavageman and epic is brbthe1st

  15. Doge gamerYT says:

    Need help in plankerton,can you help me?reply back and I will tell you my epic username

    Edit:Only online on fridays,saturdays,and sundays…..sorry for making ya'll wait

  16. I barely have done twine 6 it's been so long since I've done my own ssd

  17. Yk Jayy says:

    I thought this game was a never ending vibz build yr skins power or defeat all the location and process to a higher ranking and society

  18. Ace TV says:

    u dont use wall launcherr and floor?

  19. Can i trade with you please like your vids

  20. Theresa Pate says:

    Can you please invite me my best gun is 82 58 and 20 my gamer tag is beastclowdz86

  21. Jere says:

    I have one of the rarest gun in the game? The reason that it rate is Because everytime you shot it it bring your sheld up.if want contact me on epic or PlayStation @ happycash180

  22. Can you help me go Twine Peaks im in Canny

  23. Den Den says:

    MaximillianMus sent me

  24. Den Den says:

    Trap tunnels is what you need in twine

  25. Can you join me i am not high enough power lvl for my homebase 1st in canney valley

  26. Such an underrated channel

  27. Bro do you want to trade my name is trollakias7 ps4 I

  28. Alexandeer says:

    i need 130 traps xd

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