FORTNITE THUG LIFE MOMENTS EP: 48 (Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Epic Wins & Fails)

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FORTNITE THUG LIFE EP: 48 (Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Epic Wins & Fails)

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►Fortnite Thug Life it’s the series where you can see a lot of epic plays and wins. However it doesn’t mean that here will be only wins, you will also find here many fails and funny moments that happened to the players in the fortnite. Hope you will like it, likes and shares are very appreciated. If you have any…

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50 Responses

  1. Comment il a fait pour s'accrocher au grappin ??

  2. Nike says:

    Maybe polish edition?

  3. Find the difference ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Επιτελους και ενας Ελληνας

  5. RedBeast says:

    0:35 she’s pretty, I want her

  6. fuck of Fortnite is bullshit zero% skillssssssss men kiddys play Minecraft men noob Player

  7. Simurq Tv says:


    funny videos


  8. PMT_CoYoTe says:

    Look to my channel Ares
    I have very nice kill

  9. 3fun radion says:

    Whats the music for intro??

  10. loco por fut says:

    Escrevase no meu canal loco por fut foto do fortnite

  11. 1:25 Leszek i izak kto z Polski daje lajkacza

  12. LispyLeaf says:

    Thank you best video ever?

  13. Hi Ares i got the new Waypoint skin without paying for it. I posted the method on my chanaal

  14. SprInT says:

    Co sie stalo izak i lehu xD

  15. Én vagyok az egyetlen magyar feliratkozód.

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