France vs Norway | Overwatch World Cup 2017 Highlights

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On the final day of the Overwatch World Cup Group Stage in Shanghai, China, Team France takes on Team Norway to determine which team will head off to BlizzCon 2017 for the playoffs and the chance to take home the championship title.

France comes into this matchup as the favourites to advance out of the Group Stage and head off to BlizzCon, but Norway has also been able to put up a fairly impressive performance during their run through their group. Norway has not been together as long as…

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13 Responses

  1. just4fun620 says:

    So that's why Iko wears a hat all the time.

  2. Mpasi Nsangu says:

    5:58 Ta essayĆ©. Ta essayĆ©…

  3. amazing vid. Great stuff can't wait to see more.

  4. DSOM9322 says:

    Is there a schedule so i can see when my country plays?

  5. He keeps saying nicogdh getting picks when it's iko is he stupid

  6. Was decod forced to pick up winston due to the meta? He looks so uncomfortable playing him.. bubbles and jumps out of nowhere xD

  7. Joe Hughes says:

    I don't think it's fair how some country's just send entire pro teams (france-rogue) they should limit it to like 3 or 4 pro players per team max

  8. Zir S says:

    France's roster Is just rogue. They already play together and are far better meshed together than any other team so obviously they are going to dominate.

  9. The Vaskon says:

    00:45 "couple kills for Rouge" xDDD

  10. Hqrmony says:

    I'm pretty sure it's SoOn

  11. Will France be able to keep up this momentum at BlizzCon?

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