GEN 4 GYM BATTLES IN POKEMON GO | Lucario Spiritomb Giratina Infernape & more

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Watch how well gen 4 Pokemon battle up against multiple different gyms and Pokemon. Featured gen 4 Pokemon Infernape, Empoleon,

Song 1: Sinnoh Gym Leader Battle Remix

Song 2: Sinnoh Rival Battle Remix

Song 3: Pokémon DPPt – Cynthia [Remix]

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29 Responses

  1. Why is dragonite bigger than giratina?

  2. We knew gen 4 would come with a bang!

  3. Andy2k says:

    How To get lucario?

  4. Everytime i see Lucario anywhere…

    I instantly think of TSU…

  5. NOK NOC says:

    Entertaining! From beginning to the end.

  6. BJ 4/5 says:

    Giratina By Far has to be The Worst Gen 4 Pokemon Of all..

  7. Leo Mendes says:

    It annoys me how Giratina is so tiny in this game …

  8. TheAwesomeKB says:

    You inferape is amazing! Im 18 candy away and cant wait to evolve mine

  9. Skool Wifi says:

    On paper they may not look too crazy but in battle they murder. God bless my gen 4

  10. It's Ditto says:

    "Watch how well Gen 4 pokemon preform…"

  11. Jose Cortez says:

    Why is Giratina so… small?? I imagined it to be around the size of either Lugia or Groudon. 😮

  12. Sigi Soltau says:

    Here in our area, in Luderitz, Namibia we can't do that special pokestop research. There just 2 hidden ones that we can spin, discovered them just a month ago. The closest other stops are 120 km from us, the rest being 350km or more from us. We need more pokestops.

  13. NcWar Kun says:

    Pokeak make a Epic dodging Montage

  14. PICKLE RICK says:

    The game isn't as popular as it once was but your channel just continues to grow

  15. Gotta go fast gotta go fast poke the hedgetuber just kidding no but seriously its too fast I can't understand

  16. I saw the thumbnail alright you have my attention now also lucario is not that great in pogo offense is the best defence

  17. Bro what is the new CP for scizor

  18. Maloo Rekha says:

    Ohh bro I like ur posiedon the most!❤️?

  19. Plz No says:


  20. GAMOGAME says:

    buen video, like y sub, te invito a que pases por mi canal, Saludos !!

  21. Do you remember me poke ak

  22. Poke ak can you say hi in my commet

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