Glacier White PS4 Pro Unboxing (Destiny 2 Bundle)

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Unboxing of the new Glacier White Sony PlayStation 4 Pro game console and the new Dual Shock 4 controller.

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44 Responses

  1. Amad uddin says:

    Nice I love ps4 pro you are lucky

  2. Allan Truong says:

    unboxers should show opening the game and running the game to show it off too.
    this is like teaser porn after she takes off all her clothes it ends abruptly and i am left thinking well now what should i look at, somebody else unboxing it?

  3. What grown ass man plays minecraft

  4. FaZe Ayman says:

    Wow, I wish I got that now. It's 2018 and I still don't have ps4,sometimes I just…ask myself why? But the answer is am not lucky like u guys,all I see infront of me is expensive ps4…I just can't get a cheap ps4. That's all.

  5. Brandon says:

    Getting this for my birthday, just cause the console… fuck destiny

  6. HTPlays 123 says:

    Would you rather buy ps4 pro or xbox one s

  7. Bought it just to match my glacier white ps vita lol

  8. Where can I get this white ps4 pro

  9. IRONGUARD5 says:

    It's not glacier white its glassyear white

  10. Why do you say glacier ‘glassier’ its pronounced GLAY-SHER

  11. les holmes says:

    what is the difference between cuh 7015b and the cuh 7016b

  12. Nice ps4 ???

    I want that game sooo much ??

  13. KRMA NOT!FY says:

    Where are the infinite warfare vids?

  14. Awais says:

    I have ps4 play it with me pls

  15. i love your vids pog and can u pls do a face reveal. your minecraft platinum series and your x box survival is one of the best minecraft series i ever saw. keep up the good work.

  16. I wish you have 100milion subscribe I LIKE YOUUUUU POG!

  17. Erinn 2nd says:

    When are u doing a face reveal

  18. Your annunciation of the word glacier sounds fancy ?

  19. HJVDM says:

    Pog please do face reavel

  20. Pog could you please face riveal

  21. Angel Garcia says:

    Add me on ps4 username redfoo250 anyone

  22. WW Bad says:

    I hope you make Gta 5 videos if you did gta 5 videos i will see them all before i was seeing every minecraft videos that you make but now i dont like them i am so sorry but keep up with ur channel and i hope ur channel get bigger and bigger ???

  23. Which one do you prefer more pog Xbox one or ps4? Please reply

  24. Galaxy bc says:

    When are you gong to show your face????

  25. Brotha… play middle earth shadow of war on ps4. PLEASE!!!!

  26. BotNathanxX says:

    are u going to put videos in ps4 now it going to be cool

  27. Tyler Wilson says:

    Horray you got it!!!!!!!?????

  28. Vronic vSway says:

    Can you do a face reavil

  29. Ramon460 says:

    This is like HAND REVEAL lol

  30. This is one of your best vids keep it up

  31. Im watching this while ??

  32. RaGe Taco says:

    loved the video hope u enjoy your ps4 😀

  33. so coolm pog your the best youtuber and i hope you hit 1m subs

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