Gladiators & Mayhem Power Up & Seoul Fall Down [Overwatch League News & Highlights]

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Gladiators & Mayhem Power Up & Seoul Fall Down [Overwatch League News & Highlights]

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14 Responses

  1. Nevermore says:

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Gladiators continuing their win streak on Wednesday at the Arena 😉

  2. Lorenzo says:

    I hate the Outlaws’ new signing. I know it’s a rumor, and nobody wants to see them succeed more than I do, but I don’t want this team to lose the thing that made it so special. And to me, that was the fact that despite having no Koreans on the team, they still managed to end up in second place and make the playoffs. This thing where, they were the one team that proved that the West didn’t need help from Koreans to help them succeed against them, and that Western players truly can provide Koreans with some tough competition. I adored that about this team, that it refused to take the easy way against Korea. I’m not racist, but Koreans are the best and I feel like using Koreans against Koreans is the easy way out. So in conclusion, stay strong Outlaws, we don’t need Koreans, and we don’t need anyone but ourselves. You guys can still make it to the top, you just gotta try harder. I believe in you.

  3. KevinGame3 says:

    Plz do the voice of Brigette way sound familiar

  4. Never lost faith in mayhem

  5. Marc Zufall says:

    I really like those videos. Go Gladiators!

  6. Giorno' says:

    "Seoul Fall Down" WTF, they just played against London and NY back to back. Even if they lost 4-0 against London, people didn't say that every map were close win for London.

  7. Blue_Pen says:

    I look forward to these videos every week, keep it up!!

  8. NerfedTV says:

    Seeing the Gladiators & Mayhem rise up is so exciting, the Shock developing is also great as really this just leaves Dallas and Shanghai as the only teams that currently aren't competitive, and hopefully they will sort things out going forward.

  9. Blue Fox says:


    Go Gladiators woo

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