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In this video I explain what god rolls are!

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46 Responses

  1. Shotz LikeMe says:

    Love this video, thanks for this!

  2. I have been waiting for it

  3. Could you please do an account overview

  4. False, it's just the best perks possible.

  5. Lamp Vibes says:

    Should you crit build a wraith?

  6. Jeff Carnes says:

    I've always viewed the God "ROLL" part, with regards to Weapons only, to be the all important 6th Random perk. You can always change and upgrade the other perks, the 'roll' is only on the 6th slot. Get a bad perk there and the weapon might go from God Tier to Trash Tier without any input from the player.

  7. I_PHATKAT_I says:

    See now I am a little confused lol I now have a little over a year played. Level 130 at the moment with around 30 "god rolled" schematics. I ran into a few "OG's" and they told me that all legendary perks are not considered god roll. So I guess they are? 😂 They were saying something about, before you were able to change your perks only certain roles or whatever were considered god roll….idk

  8. watch dog says:

    I have an 82 wraith, when i want to evolve it the critical hit change drops from 350% to 150%. How is this posible?

  9. Dean Davies says:

    Then he is screwed cos he carnt get god rolled until he gets to twine 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Dean Davies says:

    Where is your sound trap ?

  11. Should I god roll my traps

  12. 360 Lootgoon says:

    Sorry, orange perks does NOT make a God roll. “God roll” specifically references when all perks were RNG. In games like Diablo, or the OLD perk system in fortnite, when you would open a lama or find a weapon that had a set of perks that made it OP, THAT is a “God roll”. God rolls don’t exist in Fortnite anymore… you can change and upgrade the perks on all weapons and traps. You can make a weapon or trap great by changing/ upgrading perks sure, but the term “God roll” is being misused now as it only applies to RNG loot.

  13. soamazzzing says:

    1:14 what is free slot never seen that before?

  14. #Money Boss says:

    Base kyle is overpowered and now I run him all the time thanks vash

  15. As a new player a have to thank you a lot for all the information you provide.

  16. jo holmes says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips

  17. Hopefully vash keeps making these tips & tricks and guide vids to help new players or remind pro players on stuff like this.

  18. 23klyn says:

    1st I love your vids and the "oh yeah" on the weapons but i have to disagree on the Archaeolo-jess cause i usually farm the materials for the objective, get coconuts to share and all the boost…smh this one hurts bud. Still luv ya tho

  19. Speeking of this can you only get legendary perk up in twine peeks?nm watched the rest of the video…

  20. What about the free slot?

  21. CUTE PUG says:

    Love your vids always help me out. This is u🤴🏼this is u 30 years from now STILL make gooooood content👴🏻

  22. Whats the best way to get legendary or epic perk

  23. NoS ProdigyZ says:

    Use code Vashenz in the item shop." I do" and for the quality of content this creator puts out day in day out.It's the least I can do.

  24. high_reacher says:

    Can u please do a video on your thoughts on modded weapons..

  25. Vash are you a garbage teammate if you use archaeolo Jess and still help build the base and defend it? Cause the way you worded it made me think even if they help they're still garbage teammates.

  26. I ran into a power level 131 that legit didn’t know his elementals

  27. OmgItzRoyal says:

    This video is for power lv 30 people tbh

  28. God roll is when the schematic comes with all legendary perks not when you make it legendary perks

  29. lil sizz says:

    Who else wants frostnite back?

  30. Lil V says:

    why no sound wall review?

  31. Aaron Kluge says:

    God roll to me is arbitrary and based on the perks chosen by the person as originally they were random on weapons. Great video and explanation on how players can help contribute.

  32. SuperVada says:

    Basically turning your weapon into super Saiyan. :p

  33. U guys are my number 1# super hero stw youtuber, hope fully you guys woyld reach your goal n god bless

  34. Scott White says:

    Here's an idea for a video, best hero loadout for when frostnite comes back.

  35. I always learn something new from you

  36. I thought you already made a video similar to this?

  37. Do the earsplitter load out

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