GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL? | GTA 5 Pokemon GO Mod Part 1

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23 Responses

  1. Foxy Killer says:

    Pikachu Wade stop fucking up

  2. Charmander is my favorite starter too

  3. Rio Sudiarto says:

    De second Evolved bulbasaur

  4. Kim Wall says:

    You got 18 pokebolls

  5. Mewtwo is on top of mount chiliad

  6. DOAMA says:

    Ash's future ain't looking so good. Growing up to be a drug dealing sociopath isn't what I would call a plus.

  7. Qwerty Bear. says:

    I expected a qubone to be I. The cemetery.

  8. Qwerty Bear. says:

    I know what you gotta do. GAT A BULBASAUR.

  9. Nathan Drury says:

    mewtwo is on a mounten

  10. how do you get GTA 5 on a tablet

  11. Suzi Hall says:

    you need 10 to evolve pokemon.

  12. Anthony says:

    19:32 "were the best trainer of all time!" YOU RAN OVER A SQUIRTLE

  13. what is the name off the game the evolving everyone

  14. You need more ivysaurs to evolve your ivysaur

  15. Andrew Lucas says:

    Wade in 2K eggs you can only get 1st stages in 5K eggs you can hatch 1st and 2nd stages in 10K you can get from hatching 1st 2nd and 3rd stages

  16. Andrew Lucas says:

    Wade there is evolve forms

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