HAMMOND / WRECKING BALL FUNNY MOMENTS! – Overwatch Funny & Epic Moments 528

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WRECKING BALL / HAMMOND IS HERE! Are you ready for HAMSTER FURY! Check out some of the best funny moments from this new hero, who has just hit the PTR!

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47 Responses

  1. Dabacabb says:

    wrecking ball main btw

  2. 7:20 no one talks about low voice of dva, "Nerf this" sounds like "Narf Dees"

  3. Sxach says:

    Where is the wrecking Ball?

  4. This thing is cute but deadly

  5. 0:55 dat ball to the sharks face

  6. He is for sure my main as well I’m very good with him

  7. DOOMFIST breaks everybody's POTG lmao

  8. CartoonPlayZ says:

    9.36 lol very funny play of the game

  9. Downthumbed for false advertising

  10. the short movie are from Bolt

  11. The poor shark got raped by hamsters 🙁

  12. Bring back wreaking ball

  13. King Arthur says:

    There better be a good lore for this Hamster!

  14. *W E E B* says:

    7:05 D.va: omea shinderu
    Enemy team: NANI

  15. First it was I need healing meme now it's I came in like a wrecking ball

  16. they need to fix that wretching ball sh* mode man!
    why the hell is it infinite???

  17. how are you playing as him tf

  18. Teresa Ozga says:

    Most of the clips didnt have wrecking ball…

  19. mr inferno says:

    i came in like a hamster from space with a giant spherical mech

  20. VLR says:

    6:24 Just… How… Wait…

  21. whocares says:

    Why did they think a wrecking ball was a good gameplay mechanic haha

  22. 4:12

    Just one pound a month and you too can help stop abuse of sombras everywhere (just because shes Mexican)

  23. That's wrecking ball aka hammond is so awesome, I've never seen it lmao. and never try it .

  24. 0:45 whose really the predator and prey here?

  25. rolling around at the speed of sound (pls continue it)

  26. Omfg that Sombra Dva combo was so amazing. Her dance even went with the song

  27. Rachel S says:

    you may be wondering why you see so many funny comments. its because peeps be trying to get dabafan of the day

  28. All of these things are already rare except for a few things I want to watch live events.

  29. Like is this a real character because I don't see it when I hop on overwatch like I wanna try em out u know

  30. Somebody plz tell me that Hammond is on Xbox now.

  31. Who is wrecking ball do u have to hack the game to get him?

  32. Nice title bait, bro. Not as nice as pointless clips with crappy dances or an insertion of Rhino. Let alone the fact that roughly half of good clips was already shown by other OW channels more than a week ago (counting from June 29 when this one was posted).

  33. Hyper Null says:

    Hammond is so op how do you kill him wtf

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