Hide & Seek In Custom Lobbies! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Hide N Seek Friends:

Map Code- 7120-2305-5422

Be Sure To Follow Me On All Platforms To Stay In The…

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50 Responses

  1. Matti says:

    anyone else wish they were plus friend

  2. Euan Russel says:

    I killed u in arena

  3. Young Wavy says:

    Need more if these

  4. im 100 percent convinced plu is blind

  5. JesterSVX 1 says:

    I know plus brother subscribe to me to meet him and comment on this comment you subed and ply if you want me to delete this tell me I will


  7. I H says:

    ? this was awesome plu

  8. Only OG players can like this

    I’m the best Combat Pro player btw

  9. TCV Ducky says:

    Wait when did u tweet this mate

  10. Iogicah says:

    Boi you sound like Formula.

  11. Ps4 Pro says:

    Yoooo he called cnnr trash ?

  12. Maxboi 27 says:

    ur so brain dead holy shit

  13. Lix said he is better

  14. Shdws is my favorite I've known him for a long time

  15. EvadeBeck says:

    plu what do I have to do to add u

  16. Corbin Bloom says:

    It would mean the world to me if you could friend me and I could try out. All of my friends bully me because I have Parallel in my name. Please friend me at Parallel Joogie

  17. Putial XBL says:

    The end was so funny??

  18. Y says:

    Parallel rdy

  19. Those dislikes are the accounts from the kid in spencers vid who said u suck

  20. SEVEN_ BGH says:

    They gang banged Fuzzy ????????????‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  21. pedro Torres says:

    Left now go left right right left left right go back rick there go down no left right

  22. pls make more videos like this ❤

  23. "My spot is the best " Gets found second ?

  24. Like here
    ?if u want more hide and seek

  25. Finely i now your name plu YES!

  26. Nxah says:

    Who’s Noah???

  27. Adjects says:

    Looks what’s hiding under “Read More”

    Use Code “Plu” In the fortnite item shop

  28. Mel Projectz says:

    This is giving me nostalgia it reminds me of vanoss

  29. Bryan 591 says:

    Is plu’s name noah?

  30. Nathan Bunag says:


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