How I Hold My Controller for Faster Building and Accuracy: Fortnite Live Gameplay

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38 Responses

  1. KrXni says:

    Mix it up like upshall get used to a bit of claw lil by lil

  2. sanko dodev says:

    Is claw bad for your hand ?

  3. I can’t even win a solo

  4. Bro I thought I was the only one who holds it like that

  5. cg member says:

    Why are you playing old school?

    U can be even better if you switch to builder pro

  6. Glen Ford says:


  7. Kubilay Muz says:

    Why do you press x with your thumb but not with your pointer finger

  8. Kanye Rutter says:

    yo Upshall are you in Obey with Kiwiz, Formula and Nicks?

  9. So do u press r2 when shooting with ur index finger ir middle finger?

  10. I started playing games at 5 and I would just play like this on call of duty mw3 then I used it on fortnite I didn’t even know it had a name till I started playing fortnite so ya I also play claw

  11. Felix Kush says:

    i played that grip on psp 2010 you suck tho

  12. Mr Dad says:

    The best builder is Sway but i dont know about aim

  13. RazLord says:

    how do you make it so it doesnt hurt your pinky and the finger next to that

  14. CION XYZ says:

    Guess u don't like Shotgun😂

  15. Im also using Old school, But since 2 months im using Oldschool Costum witch is defenitly better (watch on my yt channal). You need to set the R1 button wich is unbounded to the previous weapon

  16. turn aim assist off, and then show us ur accuracy, it ill be trash

  17. Just realize I been holding the controller the wrong way

    How I hold it = Index Fingers on R2 And L2 Instead of middle

    How people usually hold = Middle finger on R2 and L2 and index on R1 and L1

    And yes I build with only my index wonder I get no wins on streams.

  18. Endgame Z:X says:

    Oh no. The claw master went wild in building. Faster than me on builder pro 🙁

  19. PT_Operator says:

    He usually averages around 20 kills each game when my kill record is 18 is a respawning game mode

  20. What’s that left joystick grip he is using?

  21. Andrew Croos says:

    Ur kidding this guy uses old school

  22. Luke C. says:

    1000th comment lol

  23. I play on mobile but im still good in building…Making wall ramp floor is good for a mobile player right?

  24. Omg you play wired in fortnite switch to cambat pro so you cant break your fingers

  25. xdDuck says:

    If you can’t get used to claw switch l3 to switch mode r3 to jump and x to crouch center big boi button to edit and down on d-pad to map trust me your shotgun and edits will improve

  26. Wattsy2005 says:

    I was the 1000 comment

  27. KashifPlayz says:

    U shouldn’t do claw bc when u r older u will get arthritis

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