How to Beat Cheaters (Overwatch)

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A quick simple example of how to beat a cheater/hacker/aimbot in Overwatch. If there is a demand for it I can go over a far more advanced guide on the topic as I once did for CSGO. This is an example dealing with a rage hacker (aka someone who cheats blatantly). Closet cheaters are another story.

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11 Responses

  1. NjoyEdits says:

    you are not any better then this cheater, just cause you playing another game now, stfu

  2. bulbasaur says:

    looks like you got rekt and got mad at one guy. no cheats involved. you just suck (:

  3. but im having cheaters who cant die. what do i do?

  4. Spooky Ghost says:

    its actually pretty fascinating how idiots who can't make non-sticky aimbots, aim delay, or anything legit, manage to bypass warden completely.

  5. M Luminoth says:

    After seeing that video where you got manually banned and also kicked out of a convention its clear to me your reputation says more about your opponents than yourself.
    Despite taking on cheating in the past to learn more about the game, your skills are in plain view, you're unapologetic, brash and ruthless to you'r opponents. What its told me is that there are more weaklings and children working at valve and these lan events than one would initially think. Despite the cheating, no one in the CS scene gets triggered by any other word quite as much as Fodder.

  6. you should be quite good at spotting cheats.. u know, since ur a cheater urself :p

  7. tekniik says:

    Yeah i actually like Overwatch for this reason. In csgo if someone is being blatant as fuck its almost impossible to win even if you're a god. But in OW if your half decent with the right hero you can easily kill hackers and win still.

  8. Bong Knight says:

    very helpful tutorial, thank you. Now i know how to deal with cheaters, and i haven't even played the game yet :^)

  9. Mauxie says:

    Posted on reddit, thanks for the karma fucker
    seriously nice video though

  10. Ethanx says:

    wtf fodder, hes not cheating, he have an exspensive gaming chair… its obv Kappa

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