How to Fake A Fortnite Clip/Kill // Fortnite battle Royale editing Tutorial // Sony Vegas Pro 14

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How to Fake A Fortnite Clip/Kill // Fortnite battle Royale editing Tutorial // Sony Vegas Pro 14

Kill overlay:

Shoutout to orbit designs for making me such a cool illustrated banner :

In this Tutorial I will be teaching you how to fake a Fortnite clip (360 no scope, snipe etc) all you need is the overlays ( scroll down to find download link) It came out a bit blurry because i picked the wrong render…

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46 Responses

  1. FluiD MnG says:

    I hope some of you found this tutorial helpful 🙂 The kill overlay became blurry because I took the wrong render settings but if you do it should't come blurred 🙂 Next video will be A normal Video with some insane edits (My Clips)

  2. Now I don’t trust Tfue and FaZe Sway

  3. Can you make one with premier pro plz I am very big fan

  4. Rklayd 🙂
    Make one please

  5. Hi! Can you pls edit a video for me when i kill like Tfue or someone, please because i dont have a pc and i suck at editing

  6. King Splashy says:

    Can you make me one please!

  7. GeneralSG says:

    Where is the kill effect?

  8. FrazFlash says:

    now we can all be tfue lol

  9. FJV says:

    Can you make a video of how to design or make a custom eliminated, eliminated kill feed?

  10. how to edit yourself some views

  11. What is the font of the "ELIMINATED" text?

  12. I Need a feed my Name is ,, Abzocker_Nr_1

  13. Fiery_Gamers says:

    Can you make a 30 kill one?

  14. queTrez says:

    Who wants fake clips, just watch Zuckles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. voidintense says:

    can you make killfeed for me? ingame:Void.Intense

  16. StormPrime says:

    can you make a kill feed for me but make the name trdeathdragon

    thx and love the content

  17. Bullpen says:

    Every faze member ever

  18. Jack Priddy says:

    Can you make a tutorial on how to make a custom kill overlay please.

  19. Beetless says:

    Pretty sure it isn’t for educational purposes…

  20. fluid mng can you make me one that is the killer: Voltage Send the killed: Get_R3kt_B01_123

  21. Abir Hasan says:

    UMMMM…… I wanted to know to edit in the XXX Eliminated XXX not a png video of ninja getting "killed"

  22. CRUNCHYYaf says:

    Can you make a kill feed for me?, my name is Colecruncher

  23. VR Anyone? says:

    Hey how do you make your own kill feed message?

  24. RAYVIE ッ says:

    There an easier way
    Go to playground and stand in front of the green screen place in shifty. Kill your friend with a trap then green screen the kill message

  25. when i insert kill animation I cant see the gameplay

  26. NM_Steph says:

    I am legit about to kill myself.

  27. NM_Steph says:

    Please can you explain how you made the text go over the video?

  28. KONOSFX says:

    Hi can to make overplayr(683) for me?

  29. BasildoomHD says:

    How bad do you have to be to fake killing people. I've seen it all now smh….

  30. MeZe says:

    Can you plsss make another? There's a new 'eliminated' text font in thengame and I want to impress my friends

  31. Alex Bot says:

    ‘How to edit like mcreamy

  32. Desesko says:

    Thank you I can use this for fortnite replay montages 😀

  33. Ninja Mark says:

    how do you change the overlay name?

  34. OpTixx says:

    font for the kill feed?

  35. PS4AZ says:

    a bit late but could you get me a killfeed gamertag:Hussain28cr7

  36. ciahNN says:

    Where is the kill sound ?

  37. Oh_Squizza says:

    overlay is all black and shows nothing but the elimination

  38. Swift says:

    Lmao why is it not a green screen dumbass

  39. team of bump says:

    link of killing ninja by word png pls

  40. Can you do this with I movie?

  41. Tine Vlekken says:

    oh god i used that song in one of my video's too a few weeks ago, cool! (the first song)

  42. [GD] m00ns says:

    it just turns to a black screen the eliminated NinjasHyper

  43. ツAstro says:

    what do you mean you made the elimation name for us how do we get it

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